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Panasonic and Canon suspend factories in China
  • Japanese electronics giant Panasonic Corp has suspended production at two electronics components factories in China and closed another, telling workers to stay at home after the facilities were attacked by anti-Japan protesters.

    According to media reports, Canon has also suspended operations at three of its Chinese factories.


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  • So how to get first release for GH3 by November?

  • That's why I was hoping GH3 is made-in-Japan.

  • What will the US do when China invades Japan for war reparations?

  • Images of rioting Chinese mobs are an ominous portent for the future. There's already far too much arrogant jingoism in countries around the world, and China is poised to become the next international superpower. Let's hope this was incited by government provocateurs rather than spontaneous outbreaks of public resentment. If the Chinese people can be so easily riled to violence by a relatively bland territorial dispute over a few tiny uninhabited islands, I shudder to think what a deadly serious international confrontation would provoke.

  • You're so right @LPowell. I am sure this's what's gonna make the GH3 not delivered in November.

  • You guys are mistaken about why all this is going on, there's a really long history and a grudge match that won't end anytime soon. Have you ever even Been to PRC?

  • This hopefully will go away soon, this is a strange situation for a lot of reasons but at the end of the day China is a very pragmatic country.

    BUT, this could also be the start of a power grab from the military as well.

    China is very complex and in the middle of a real power struggle in the central government. My money was on the reformers but the anti-japan demonstrations might be a hint of the old school hardliners coming back into power. As much as this is about Japan its also about the changing internal politics of china.

  • Yep, they have struggle for power before October.

  • Guys,

    This violence harks all the way back to the Manchurian Incident (1930s) and even further in history. The Chinese have never forgotten Japanese atrocities during the incident, and never will. That Japan has neither publicly acknowledged its deed, nor apologised for it has not helped.

    @stonebat If cams were to be made in Japan, we wouldn't be staring at present prices. Just body alone will set you back by at least $1700. Just compare prices of Fujitsu, Toshiba laptops (still made in Japan) with other Japanese brands that are made in China

  • Then there's the Battle of Nanking.

    Politics aside the 'City of Life and Death' is an incredibly made film....

  • yeah, started with the Manchurian Incident, culminated in Rape of Nanking

  • WW2 has a lot to do with the animosity in the region but the protests in China are unusual. China is letting them happen (china hates protests)

    Japan really controls the islands and China will not be able to challenge that for at least another decade maybe two. What makes this strange is China knows this but is letting the protests continue, so in the end China could lose "face" over the issue. Something's up, and because of the opaque nature of the central government its anyones guess.

    I think that the government wanted to make a stament and then it got out of control. They will have to fix it, Japan and China need each-other. War is always a possibility but it would be insane to do it over this issue.

  • It is politics and economics involved.

    World economic is not good. Japan economic is even worse.

  • Yea my best guess is that the Bo Xi Lai part of the government is staging the protest so that the Xi Jinping side loses face. It might of not have been designed that way but thats the way it will play out. maybe......

  • Most protesting in China is controlled by the government, so if it continues, it's because they were allowed to continue. Public resentment of the Japanese has largely been fueled by the government, but this isn't to say it's all created out of thin air. Some stuff the Japanese did to the Chinese would make Josef Mengele look like Ghandi. While Germany apologized and took great measures to show they were serious about it, Japan still has extreme rightists on the streets spewing racism on cars with megaphones.

    What's always fascinated me about this relationship though is that there's this "we hate you, but we'll do business with you" mentality. I guess it's like Samsung and Apple.

    Politics aside, I do just want my GH3.

  • GH2 are made in XiaMen , not in Guangdong, i think gh3, too