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Telescope & GH2 Combination - is it possible??
  • Hi all,

    I have looked through the search function and no relevant results come up when I browse for this topic, so here's my new thread:

    I am interested in astronomy as well as wildlife and videography/sound recording/film making in general.

    Does anyone know if I can connect my new Panasonic GH2 video camera to a telescope such as the Celestron SkyProdigy™ 130 Computerized Telescope, for catering stills and videos of the moon and distant wildlife such as deers, birds etc?

    I have seen a number of videos where people have used a telescopic lens in conjunction with the GH2 to film the moon and wildlife. But I am interested to know whether or not it is possible to connect a whole telescope to the GH2...


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  • My friend has a telescope and some kind of adapter from telescope to eos, probably there is similar thing from telescope mount to m4/3. Basically camera is connected to the place where telescope eyepiece would go.

  • @inqb8r ...

    Thanks! I wasn't sure quite how this could be achieved, if at all. I guess that if I look into telescope mounts for m4/3, I might find the solution now. Nice one.

  • You most definitely can use the GH2 with an astronomical telescope. It appears that the Celestron SkyProdigy has a 1.25 in focuser, so this is what you need:

    You need both the Fotodiox T-Mount Lens to MFT Micro 4/3 adapter + the Celestron 93625 Universal 1.25-inch Camera T-Adapter.

    The only problem you might run into is that the focuser might not have enough in-travel to bring the camera to focus. If this is the case, then it's a no-go.

  • @Ralph_B ...

    thanks I will look at that link now, sounds great, I hope that the focus will work otherwise like you say it will be rendered useless...

  • I hate to sound pessimistic, but most likely the focuser won't have enough in-travel. Wherever you but the adapter, make sure you can return it.

  • Hi I've got a télescope skywatcher (mirror 200mm/1000mm focal) on M42 mount and I'm able to focus correctly ,I use the adapter for a Meade astronomy caméra ,it's a M42 on it and short enough to focus correctly with a M42 to MFT adapter,As Ralph_B said you have to try to see if your focuser has enough travel-in ,if not you will have to change for a shorter focuser or MFT adapter (if it missed just a little travel to focus)