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GH2 Flow Motion v2 - 100Mbps Fast Action Performance & Reliability for Class 10 SD cards
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  • I got the whole thing Lee....I guess 45 minutes. I have a lot of noise in that grab that isn't in the video. I need to figure that out.

  • @peternap Did you get the whole sunset or just the tail end? I'd be interested to examine the footage for its lowlight quality.

  • I decided to take the AC160 and 2 GH2's (One with FM 2,2 and the other with Drewnet) out to see if there would be a sunset. It stormed most of the afternoon and I didn't even see the sun. Just before dark, I broke the Drewnet camera and the 160, down and hauled them the quarter mile to the car.

    As soon as I got back the clouds broke a little and the sunset was beautiful. Here is a grab using FM 2.2 and a Samyang 7.5

    I ran it through the Action in photoshop.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • @kazuo - "I understand that there is a lot of artificial sharpening done internally in a Panasonic AF lens as a way of compensating for the deviation caused by mirrorless imaging. I think the m4/3 sensor is not flat, so the curvature actually distorts the image, hence a lot of times, the final recorded output using average MF glass may not be as sharp."

    I think you may be thinking of the geometric distortion correction the GH2 does with Lumix Micro 4/3 lenses. In any case, the image sensor is completely flat and needs no correction. In cases where the GH2 corrects distortion in a Lumix lens, it applies a sharpening filter as well. Unfortunately, that can overemphasize alias artifacts on high-contrast edges, creating an artificially enhanced impression of sharpness.

    Flow Motion v2 is designed to minimize the effects of artificial sharpening in the chroma channels, which could account for the difference in sharpness you noticed between FM2 and Cluster. If you experiment with the GH2's Sharpness setting, you might find that with Flow Motion v2, you prefer Sharpness at -1 rather than -2.

  • @prl , excellent/ great idea too.

  • For a long time, alot of work was directed towards NTSC which is understandable since many of the developers come from those parts of the world. i live in PAL land, so I'm eternally grateful to people like @LPowell who have devoted his time to helping HBR users, and also Driftwood, for looking at long GOP and including HBR in his fold.

    Like @peternap, i 'm not technically inclined the way Vitaliy, Driftwood, Lee and the rest of the guys here are, but when I do augment my creativity as a result of using their creations, i will always try to give credit where it's due :-)

    Thanks @peternap for sharing. i do see what you've said about Flow being better in terms of motion and adverse lighting conditions and i agree with you. Especially with regard to the darker areas in an image, i've compared quite a few patches, Flow is less noisy. Try shooting on an 85mm lens of any structural landscape (buildings will be ideal). Then notice spots like pillars and walls especially those that are shaded or partially hidden. Flow does quite well in rendering details in these instances. And i daresay there could be less banding

  • @strancali @Cinexa Thanks very much, Great Patch

  • @kazuo I agree with what you said. I found a while back that there is no perfect setting for everything. I use Driftwood's settings, Lee's, Ralph's and a few others. I'm not smart enough to make them, I just pick the one that suits what I'm doing best. It's a shame that it gets into pissing matches sometime because there really is a lot of genius at work on this site.

    What I've found with Flow Motion V2.2 is that it handles motion and adverse light conditions, better than anything else, especially in 720 which even Nick admits, is difficult.

    The other factor is the talent of the camera operator and his ability in post. Since I'm a long way from being great at either, I just accept the limitations of the settings and try to make the best of their virtues.

  • @LPowell "@johnnygh2 I haven't tested Cluster v6 so I can't comment on its motion picture quality. On a technical level, it's a long-GOP patch that uses conservative peak bitrates and coarser quantization tables on its P and B-frames than on its I-frames. This should make it a good choice for users who want a patch that improves on the unhacked firmware without producing large video files.

    Flow Motion v2 is a short-GOP patch that uses moderately high bitrates to virtually eliminate macroblock artifacts in the most demanding fast-action shooting conditions. It uses custom quantization tables designed to produce B and P-frames of the same quality as its I-frames. This makes it a good choice for users who want a patch that delivers motion picture quality comparable to all-Intra 24p patches at about half the file size, and without compromising the quality of HBR modes.

    For more details on Flow Motion v2 features, see the first post in this thread."

    I have tested yr patch and various Cluster patches under similar conditions, and I must say while your patch yields a higher bit rate, Cluster tends to be a little sharper when you select "All to details" for the AQ. In any case, sharpness is quite a matter of perception, it's not qualitative in that there isn't a standard way of gauging it I suppose. Would resolution be a more accurate way of describing sharpness?

    Regardless, Flowmotion v2.2 is a GREAT patch and I am using it now for some of my projects (giving Driftwood a break)

    On a separate but related note, I understand that there is a lot of artificial sharpening done internally in a Panasonic AF lens as a way of compensating for the deviation caused by mirrorless imaging. I think the m4/3 sensor is not flat, so the curvature actually distorts the image, hence a lot of times, the final recorded output using average MF glass may not be as sharp. I think Driftwood has tried to address this in his hacks, in particular the Cluster patches (you see the sharpness after you click "All to Details").

    Wonder if you have also considered such issues in your work.

  • @prl ,That was tight. Ready for primetime!

  • Hey All, Here's a commercial I shot with this FM Hack:

    <object width="512" height="288">

  • @LPowell @peternap thank you.

    Actually I always tough that the best setting would be called LF (Load & Forget). FM is well balanced. Optimum quality and zero problems. In a dive like that you would not having problem with your camera :)


  • @LongJohnSilver I've used FM2.2 over water since it came out and love it....but that video you posted is breathtaking! I am truly humbled.

  • @LongJohnSilver That's stunning, some of the best underwater shooting I've seen. The detail in the barnacle-covered ruins is exquisite.

  • Any hints as to the best GH2 settings using flowmotion 2 in a night club? I'm filming a band tonite, my lens is as low as 1.4 so that will be my f stop, maybe 400 iso? Shutter speed?

  • @mozes I hope "fair use" habit wiil apply here ;)

  • @LongJohnSilver .. wow, that music really set the points on the i, nice video.

  • Both latest setting should have Pasadena Pulse Audio setting built-in, anyway u could check if the value of audio part in ptool is the ticked/same or not.

  • Hi, i am just curious what soundsettings you guys use with flow motion.

    I switched from cluster v6. There i used mic level 1 with my rode video mic pro set to level 0. The soundmeter was always in the middle, never in the red and the sound was fine.

    Now i used the same settings with flow motion and had almost no sound at all. Just after really pushing the miclevel i got decent sound. The problem is, that this pushed the soundmeter into the red levels, which are normally distorted. That means i cant rely or trust the soundmeter anymore, which is bad.

    Anybody? Cheers

  • Hi @LPowell, I shoot only in HBR 25p mode using Sandisk 30mb sdhc, so in order to support file spanning in HBR, can I just lower the FSH/SH value same to FH/H value(60mbps) in ptool? or how should I do it?

  • Hi Lee, Thank you for your settings :)

  • @JohnTollwannabe Thanks man! But no!! The kit lens is very sharp!! Sometimes overly sharp! @LPowell 's patch is sharp as well! The video came out very sharp to me it just doesn't look that sharp on vimeo, but it looks extremly sharp on Youtube. Vimeo's HD sucks but they have better content on there site, Youtube is sharper but the content is crap

  • @DeShonDixon,

    Great work! Rap isn't usually my cup of tea, but the music video's editing, pacing, and cinematography were excellent! Good grading as well. The technical qualities kept me watching and listening. :)

    As for better sharpness/detail... it may not be LPowell's patch, but the kit lens' quality of glass. It's not that great. The Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm F1.4 lens (micro 4/3), while not perfect, is pretty darn sharp for the money. Whether it works well with a follow focus, I'm not sure.

  • @Lambo

    On your low light footage I noticed interference in the video with what looked like very slight chroma bars in the image. It was much more noticeable when watching the original file. The ISO bug showing up?

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