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GH2 at iso 12800
  • I'm new to all this, but I'm a quick learner. I'm seeing large blue and smaller darker band when at iso 12800. Also the noise seems a lot more than normal for this camera. You guy's know your stuff, is this all normal or do I have a faulty GH2?

    CLUSTER v6 'Nebular' Kit lens 14-42mm f3.5 1/50 iso12800 Smooth -2 on all.
    I.Dynamic/I resolution off.

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  • The higher the ISO, the more noise you will have. at ISO 12500 you will have lots of noise.

  • And those bands at very high ISO are typical for the GH2, many others have them as well.

  • Generally you shouldn't be going over 1600 iso. I tend to even stay bellow 1000iso

  • You took a video virtually in the dark with a kit lens, and I find it pretty good even with the noise. Is there another camera you know that can do better?

  • Thank you for your replies. So it's OK and normal to see those bands at iso 12800. I will no doubt take on x_worpig_x advice and stay below 1000 iso.

  • I think that that is quite good for iso 12800! Unusable, but as a test it shows gh2 performing quite well.

  • @ShineHunter In my testing of Flow Motion v2, I saw considerably more noise at ISO 12800 than at 6400 and below. I'd say that ISO 1600-6400 are quite usable for low-light footage you intend to clean up with something like Neat Video. ISO 12800 I'd reserve strictly for B&W night vision.

  • @ShineHunter , that is quite good quality. To get usable footage use lower iso and some good lenses at least with 1.4 aperture ... My self I always uncheck the ISO limiting option on PTools, as I never will use it. At 12800 I think the GH2 performs pretty well.