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Fotga Rail Support
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  • Would this Fotga rail system work with an anti-twist quick release plate (with or without HDMI bracket) for the GH2 since the supplied Fotga plate is attached by screws, because the camera has no extra support pin hole (thank you Panasonic for this stupid design oversight)?

    Anyone do this mod for their GH2 using this rail system or one similarly constructed? If I get a follow focus, I don't want the camera body to twist or flex/torque and possibly get damaged and end up with wobbly video.

  • I got my rail support without the quick release platform, and have recently ordered a separate quick release platform (the actual Fotga one intended for the unit) and will look into modifying it with some sort of anti-twist solution. If I find something that works well, I'll post it here.

  • @Strangways looking forward to your solution!

    Anyone else modding their Fotga rig's camera bracket so as to add a GH2 anti-twist solution for safe and effective follow focus usage?

  • @JohnTollwannabe

    The Fotga quick release plate actually grips the GH2 pretty well. I've never had an issue with camera twisting on the Fotga, even when pulling my follow focus past the end of the focus range.

  • @Sangye Good to know! Thanks. :)

    Can you easily add a third-party camera platform to the non-quick release version of the Fotga as listed above? Are the bracket screw holes spaced at a standard distance?

    One of the reasons I ask is that the Acratech 2173 anti-twist quick release plate is perfect for the GH2. The only problem is that it's an arca-swiss type design, which requires a small arca-swiss QR clamp.

    Since the GH2 is so popular amongst the indie DSLR community, you'd think there would be more choices for relatively inexpensive designer anti-twist rig plates and clamps that would fit a variety of 15mm rod brackets!