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Buy a GH2 now or to wait for GH3. May be wait for alien invasion?
  • I have been editing a documentary for over a year now and just wrapped. Am about to get back out in the field to shoot my next one but have put off purchasing a gh2 too long, so that now that I'm ready I can't tell if it's foolish to buy a gh2 now, just before the gh3 is set to arrive. But then again, even when it does arrive, won't the gh2 with a hack still hold large advantages over it?

    Thoughts? Thanks a lot.

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  • Let's put it this way, a year after the GH3 comes out, the GH2 will probably still trump it in every way. To wait for the GH3 makes no sense at all. The hack and the various patches have elevated the GH2 to a level that the GH3 won't be able to reach for some time. That's even if Vitaliy will hack the GH3, which I'm sure he will, but we don't know that for sure yet. And what if Panasonic implements new improvements that make hacking it much harder this time around? Get the GH2.

  • Buy a GH2 now, and buy a GH3 when it comes out. You will not regret it, and you probably will end up keeping both.

  • @L1N3ARX unlikely panasonic will implement new 'improvements' to make a hack harder - they are on the record as being appreciative of the work of all vitaliy and his co-conspirators..

    same talk hovered around the release of GH2 - to buy a GH1 (once vitaliy had recracked the unhackables) or wait for GH2. At the time the advice would have been to buy the GH1 as we don't know the capabilities of GH2 or even if it could be hacked... and then look what happened shortly after it was released. even prehack many thought unhacked GH2 > GH13 or GH17. (or am i remembering things wrongly?)

    for those who can't afford to buy both, i think this is a real valid question.

    As GH17 owner, the applicability of what follows may not apply to you @raphaelfranco, but has been playing on my mind. The argument to buy GH2 because it is there and available right now is weaker if you already own GH1.

    We all know that everyone on here will be talking about beauty of GH3's 1080p 60fps or its 720p 120fps etc etc once released. or that the LCD resolution makes it so much easier to focus etc etc When money is an object, it is not so easy to just tell someone to go and buy a GH2, they may be annoyed come september!

    (I think) my decision is to wait. see what GH3 brings, see what happens to GH2 price and then make decision. Also see also how quickly this community mobilizes to buy vitaliy a couple of GH3s to mess with (ps should we start now?). I think to buy GH2 may not be the wrong decision, but to buy now may be wrong. by waiting 2 months you can make a more informed decision and if you end up still going with GH2 then you can use money saved in any price drop to buy new glass, which is mb more important anyway!

  • buy gh2. It's cheap now. Buy glass for it.

    You could be waiting a LONG time for gh3. Just because it has a release date soon doesn't mean it will be available then. In US I had to fight for months to get a gh2. It was sold out everywhere for a long time. The GH3 doesn't exist yet. It will be inferior to hacked gh2 - that's a given. It will be months more before a hack is ready- if ever. I think it's foolishness to just assume there will be a great hack. Lots of things could happen that prevent it.

    If you want a camera sometime this year buy gh2.

  • I'm going to wait to get another GH2 until the final closeout deals. Getting such a good deal on the GH1 when they went so cheap at the end ruined my expectations, I've never gotten over getting my 2 GH1s for the same price as one GH2.

    So I'll wait til the bitter end and watch with quiet envy those who buy the GH3 when it's released....>_>.

  • I should caveat my response because i am not a pro or aspiring-pro videography. purely a hobby and i only ever do 'projects' on my own. I am still learning all the time, so i can wait for cheaper GH2 or GH3. It certainly isn't the GH17 that is holding back my little 3 minute films!

  • I bought a GH1 to get the hang of things and i've been very happy so far. I'm waiting for the GH3 to come out but I would get a GH2 if the price is right :) I don't believe that it would be a waste of money to get a GH2 now even with the GH3 coming sometime in the next few months. However, if you don't NEED it right now then wait.

  • If the GH2 was released in October (optimistic thought) the next question would be how long before you can actually get your hands on one? GH2 buyers were going nuts waiting month after month for their orders. If you need a camera now, get the GH2, if not, wait.

  • I think it depends on how soon you feel you need a new camera and how much money you have to spend. If you feel you can wait a while, I would say at least wait until the GH3 comes out, then decide if its worth the extra money. If not, then you can prob get a good deal on a GH2.

  • There are so many on ebay and most go for around £450 body only in the UK, I don't think it's really worth wasting time thinking about it, buy the damn thing! If you're shooting today it's really about comparing what is available TODAY, not what might be available at some point down the line. The hacked GH2 is substantially better than the hacked GH1. As we've seen the GH2 punches way above its weight. No brainer, get it bought!

  • Ok All - Thank you for very sound advice. Going from the amount of consensus amongst everyone, and the points you raised, primarily that I have a lot I plan to shoot in the next few months, I will purchase gh2 now. Today in fact! So thank you all for weighing in!

  • Perhaps; GH series can be closed. Too late. First news about Gh1 March 2009. First news about Gh2: September 2010.

  • I have the same question except I have two GH2's and am looking at another camera to supplement. I have $ 8,000. budgeted but don't especially want to spend it if not necessary.

    I think at this point I'm going to wait for some concrete information about the GH3 before I look anymore.

  • My gh2 matrix is burned by laser beam at show, now I'm think to buy gh2 and not wait for gh3

  • @raphaelfranco

    Get Gh2 If it suffices your need. Otherwise wait for Gh3 announcement. You'd get one this year if you are lucky.

  • The day that the GH3 is announced, I will donate again to PV. I think everyone who wants the patch (and is earning money based on the great work of Vitaliy and the settings authors) should also donate.

  • @ahbleza will also donate

  • By the time the GH3 hits the shelves, it might have become totally uninteresting for this community, should the KineRaw cams and BMD's and possibly some open-source project cams have come into play. This is of course presumptive. And who knows maybe the GH3, given it can be hacked, will give us the possibilities we all so desire.

  • maybe, but again, couple of years ago some people advised others to just buy a cheaper GH1 - how much better could a GH2 be, even if it was ever able to be hacked?..... :)