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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • Looks like Part 2 of Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout 2012 was posted a day or two ago ...I think. Nice appearance by Nick Driftwood around 34:15 in the video, for a few words.

    Glad to see that the GH2 with Quantum 9b settings did well. Congratulations Vitaliy Kiselev, Nick @driftwood and all other developers that have worked so hard on this never ending project.

    Sedna AQ1 or A Q20 didn't exist when the GH2 was used for this 2012 shootout. The feedback from the audience members would have been interesting to see.

  • @MartinD lol how did I miss Nick @driftwood in that video? I know Vitaliy shrugs it off like it's no biggie but come on my russian brother, you're the man! OWN IT!!! :)

  • GH2 quantum hacked, Voigtlander 25mm 0.95, nostalgic -2, -2, -2, -2

    Color graded with magic bullet looks, amazing how sharp it still is right out of the camera without post

  • @strancali That's because Vitaliy is the 'Banksy of filmmaking' - quote from a Zacuto attendee at the Shootout event in London. :-)

  • @inhousegoods beautiful! love the color grading you did. Hacked GH2 + the new Voigtlander lenses really produces some of the most cinematic images I've ever seen.

  • @driftwood hmm that attendee might be Vitaliy himself???

  • GH2 Cluster v6

    Special Thanks to @driftwood

  • I have japan languje!!how do I chage it??? Anybody???

  • Go on the blue symbol at the menu, then push one time on "WB" (right button), then four times on "ISO" (up button), then on "WB" (right button) again, and wallah, you in the language menu. english is the first language on side 1. ;)

  • Funny thing is that we have thousands and thousands of tests by now, but very few real shoots. Is that the norm with other cameras?

  • There's plenty of shoots in the pipeline and many done not on the Internet. I have 'Swim to Land' coming soon.

  • I have my South Korea short A Day in 1951 which I'll post on here too!

  • I have a feature I am hoping to finish filming at the end of this month. It's been a long time coming and can't wait to finish as it's my first big project. There are many real shoots out there, just not many of them posted on this forum for public viewing.

  • Not sure what step I'm missing with my Sandisk 64GB 95/mb card using with Sedna Q20, but I keep getting "Motion recording limitations of card" errors when shooting in 720. I've tried in-camera format, setting custom dials then formatting. Is there a simple step I'm overlooking?

  • @MinorHD There's plenty of REAL stuff out there, just not necessarily with the most recent settings. Browse through the topic archive and you shall find. sanzandez is also correct that there is plenty of stuff view isn't available for public viewing.

  • Screen grabs from a short film I'm currently the DP on. Driftwood 'DREWnet' Cluster v6 -ColorGhears -Zeiss 50mm 1.4

    Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 1.52.31 PM.png
    1260 x 729 - 920K
    Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 1.56.46 PM.png
    1259 x 730 - 1M
    Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 1.59.13 PM.png
    1258 x 730 - 967K
  • Shot using Sedna Q20 A with in camera 300% speed. I then fiddled a bit further with the speed in Magix, and did a very fast color correction. The music is 80% done, but I messed up and lost the work in progress right after rendering this test (My fault for trying to mix music directly in the movie maker I guess). Lens is canon 35mm FD F2 Concave. I think I had it wide open or darn close.

  • @mee What do you mean by "in camera 300% speed" do you mean you did the speed increase in camera? How do I do that?

  • @ethanpil : I guess just a simple time strech in post.

  • @ethanpil. It is the option next to 24p cinema called variable movie mode. Select that and you have the options of 80% slow motion, 160%, 200%, 300% speeds.

  • @ethanpil, you ask me while my camera is in the shop! LOL, but it is in the same part of the menu that lets you choose 24p, or Manual mode on the far right. The actual name I forget, but there is 80% speed 160% and 300% Maybe one more ?

  • @Zaven, I was writing while you posted. Much better and more accurate explanation than mine. Thanks!

  • @driftwood

    Please make new topic.

    This one too large.

  • @zaven13, probably off topic but what exactly is affected by the % settings in variable mode in terms of actual recorded frame rate? And is the compression different from 24p mode? Or does this put it into a 50i 60i mode or something? It's kinda cryptic.

    For god sake why did Panasonic have to use ootsy pootsy names for everything instead of just calling everything what it is- i.e. 24p 50i 60p 30p. WTF is up with that shite?

  • @MinorHD I could be wrong but my guess is paid professionals are probably the minority here and paid professionals will not be able to share their footage so easily

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