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  • In the advent of new cinema cameras coming out this one looks very promising. This new-kid-on-the-block is supposedly going to have 15 Stops of dynamic range. It's another crowd funded project but seems to be legit. The specs are:

    4K Resolution

    Super 35mm Sensor

    Global Shutter

    Up to 15 Stops DR

    High Speed at Full Resolution

    Cinema DNG Raw Recording

    From their site:

    "We have actually been rather careful and secretive not to release too much information about the new camera on the Internet as we do not want to follow the unfortunately quite commmon practice of how other companies announce their products: they just promise you whatever you want to hear and a couple of years later they admit that this product is not ever going to see the light of the day. So we made sure that what we announce is solid and well thought through. But still a word of precaution: We will need your help to create Axiom, only if we manage to succeed with our kickstarter campaign we will be able to afford the development. Currently we are still working on preparing the material for the campaign, unfortunately its taking longer than we hoped it would - stay tuned."

    The site needs to give more info on this project but I say if it happens to come in "well" under $10,000 like they say then I can see this kicking Red, Canon and Sony in the proverbial behind. What says you?

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  • I don't know about the Apertus project - it's been around for so long and progress always was so slow. Axiom now is completely different to what they (seem to) have been working on the last couple years. But the logo/type is awesome and they seem to be quite serious about it - fingers crossed.

    Thanks for info Ian_T!

  • NP @stip. I'd love to see something like this come to fruition. This is all based on the Elphel camera system that came out in the last few years. With the small success of that I'm hoping this takes flight. Plus....with that much (promised) DR and a Global Shutter....that would be the camera to beat.

  • Cool little camera

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