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SuperLux Headphones
  • One of my two main headphones.
    Model name - Avelvox HD242 (this is Russian brand), widely known as Superlux HD668b.
    I'll tell about second phones later.
    But this are quite good.
    Cheap, quite comfortable (but I wish they had been larger), with good full sound.
    Really low price - usually below $60, you can find sometimes for as low as $30.
    My only complain is that they lack clarity common for open designs (they are semiopen with much higher isolation).
    Primer of review - (you can find plenty of others)


    Other models are also not bad.
    You can look at slightly cheaper Superlux HD681 also.
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  • These look like a good deal, Im not sure how good they would be for tracking since they are semiopen my studio i have used another cheap or good deal type for a while ,the moreme headphones ,not the best sound quality sound but it gets the job done for tracking
  • I use this at home during sound work and in normal life.
    Closed headphones are better on set.
    This is why I provided link that list all available headphones from SuperLux.
    They also have good closed models.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I am curious what your second pair of headphones might be. Looking at purchasing these Superlux ones in the near future.
  • How about the Superlux HD651 for using with an external recorder like a zoom? They are closed back, really cheap and come in different pwetty colours.

  • >I am curious what your second pair of headphones might be

    Technics RF-880
  • My advice is to go with Sennheiser HD428 $48.95. This is one of the top Headphone makers in the world. Comfortable and sound great. I have used tons of headphones as an audio engineer and Sennheiser is a great headphone.
  • For closed Headphones I really like AT MTH 50. For open I use Sennheiser HD 580 with the $11 heavy duty cord from the HD 600. Will have to try Superlux!
  • I thought the idea was to get the best bang for the lowest buck. The AT MTH50's are good but cost about $150.00. I have yet to find anything as good for as low a price as the HD428's at $48.95. You can wear them all day and they'll work fine off the low power of a camera output. I've got various AKG, Senns, AT's, Sony's and for the money I think the Senns have a great overall value.
  • I purchased my ATH M50 for $78 on eBay, new, warranty, they go on sale from time time, I have heard of people getting them for $50 but I didn't see that or I would have bought a spare pair.
    The HD428 have been purchased for as low as $30, so that is a great deal! I can't see anything in that price range to beat them, but if you can get the M50 for under $100 they are very nice cans.
    I would say that the M50 are probably a bit more durable, but either way, some nice choices for not too much money.
  • @Aria

    You are free to make headphones specific topic, I think your posts belong to it.
  • Here are some Superlux reviews at Headfi--almost all positive
  • >Looking at purchasing these Superlux ones in the near future.

    These came in last week. I can't claim to have the budget to be an audiophile, but I'm pleased with the performance (and price) so far.

    Thanks for the recommendation Vitaliy!
  • I got mine and am finally listening now--to Cocteau Twins' Pink Opaque

    The spaciousness makes me feel like I'm inside the music. Elizabeth Fraser's voice is textured and bittersweet. The bass is low and undistorted. I dislike being bludgeoned by bass (I guess I'm getting old)! The mid-levels seem like they could be a bit fuller. disclaimer--just listening via iTunes and my MBP.

    I'm not an audiophile, but my brother worked at really hi-end audio places in the 80s. I listened to a lot of really amazing equipment and he gave me top-tier Yamaha headphones that I still use.