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Driftwood VY Canis Majoris: This thread will now be integrated into 'Driftwood Series 6 Settings'
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  • @Swiss_Boy excellent work. Careful in the clubs with those lasers, I've seen a few GH2's get killed by lasers burning lines into the sensors.

  • @driftwood your feedbacks are always apreciated.

    @shian damn thx for the info i didn't know about that. But wit all those lights it will be kinda hard to be really careful but you mean only the lasers not the other lights right?

  • A shot of the moon using CM Day with a Canon FD 100-300mm zoom lens at ISO 1200, and F??. I used after effects to try and remove some of the noise from the city lights, and bring out a bit more detail. I am not sure how well I achieved this, but it was my first experience with after effects.

    and then there are these ungraded shots from March using Rocket (or was it orion?) I always thought these looked pretty darn nice, and thought since so many people talk about comparisons of Sendna, Orion, and CM that maybe this would add a little visual perspective. I have no memory of iso settings and what not, I do think it was above 800 most the time. P.S. I do find focus edventually on the second video, just give it a bit of time ;)

  • @Swiss_Boy just the lasers - like the video below. Also happened to a friend of mine.

  • @shian that's messed up!!! Do you think an ND filter would have lessened the effect of damaging the sensor?

  • Shot with CM 'skin' setting and Sedna A (can't really tell much difference -these are such great settings). Cinema -2,0,-1,-2 for both cams. Preserving highlights meant raising the mids in post, and once again I'm impressed with how far I could take things during grading. fcpx.

  • Lovely grade @pchristoph. Amazing piece of work - got it all, nice overall flatness with great skin tones, beautiful composition, nice musical accompaniement. Thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Some of the best work Ive seen to date on CM. Thanks for sharing.

  • awsome @pchristoph ! I like CM skin tone too, Erin will be happy about you work. Did you use lighting for the interior scene?

  • @peaceonearth I used a Tota light with silver umbrella to help with the scenes of the photographer and daughter looking through old photos, and also in her office space to even out the light. The window light was a strong source so I needed something to help create less contrast and fill in the shadows. The interview is pure exterior overcast light and I positioned her in the room as best I could. @driftwood thanks for those kind words. As a side note - the place we shot the outdoor family scenes was across the street from The Driftwood Restaurant. I should have grabbed a shot of that. cheers mate.

  • thank you @pchristoph June 7 wunderfull done, we enjoyed your work.

  • @pchristoph - you are the man. that is a great piece

  • @mee June 7 ...a cat with a hat ! How did you manage that ?

  • I simply sat the cat down with a book by Dr. Seuss "The cat in the hat".

    Tit for tat, and hat for hat, by the end of the book I had convinced the cat, that with a hat upon a cat no feminine felines could resist that cat. So with a stylish red hat and a gentle pat, I soon had a hat upon the cat.

  • @shian the lasers in the video you posted looks very strong and damaged his camera even that he was kinda far from the scene. I feel bad for him too.. But i wonder if a less stronger lazer will also damage the camera. Like lasers in a club might be less stronger than the ones in a big concert. And maybe there are some type of filters that can protect the camera without reducing the amount of light that comes in the camera because you don't want to use something that's reducing the light in a dark club.

  • For those that don't really know me (Everyone here), I breed tropical fish (African Cichlids). My fish are in the states though, and I am in Japan. These are just a few short shots from one of Japans larger shops using Canis Majoris VY Day with 35mm Canon FD F2 concave Lens at F2.8 100 Shutter speed, and ISO 1250. Sorry for the shaking but it's handheld with no AIS. Also sorry for the focus, I was super close up at a shallow Focal length to try and keep the ISO at 1250. Unfortunately after 30 minutes of pics, I just started video when an employee told me no photos, so I never really got to dial it in. None the less I was happy with the colors and their are a few moments focus.

  • @pchristoph - Beautiful piece! All around: Subject, story, editing, photography. A gentle hand at filmaking. Thanks for sharing this inspiring little film.

  • @pchristoph Beautiful. Who is the music by?

  • @pchristoph I loved it. Beautiful work. I am curious about the lenses you used, also, did you grade with FCPX directly or used something else? Thank you

  • @mee Pretty fish. I like the bottom one. :)

  • @thepalalias Yeah, gold fish aren't my thing but those are some very very nice ones. I've been put in charge of putting a fish tank together for an English school I work at, and am thinking Discus (the round fish) will be my aim. They also gave me one other job.. to make a short video for their website.My first paid video gig! I maid a very simple demo for them using Mysteron and I think they liked it =)

  • I don't know if anyone has encountered the same issue, but while comparing Sedna, Soft Skin and Day PM last night, I saw this horrible noise on Sedna and Soft Skin. It looked like refresh noise, those flickering lines. Is it my GH2 or is it the ISO bug? I haven't had experience with the bug, so I wouldn't know. Soft skin looks amazing, I find it easier to grade than Sedna, but I don't know what happened, really got me worried. I shot on Smooth, indoor WB, -2 on all settings, shutter on 50, iso 800 - 1200. I look at other low light tests and mine looks just so amateur, any tips for this?

  • Had a quick question if anyone can help. I've been looking into getting some new memory cards and when I've been looking around I noticed the Sandisk 45mbs cards are going for the same price as the 30mbs cards. I recall a long time ago people saying they had problems with the 45mbs cards. Before making a purchase, I'd like to ask anyone who has a 45mbs card how its working with Canis? Thanks a lot.

  • @sanzadez Do not count on spanning with it - it should be able to handle low to moderate detail scenes fine without spanning, but do not expect to be able to push it.

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