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GH2 Newbie, need some help understanding and choosing hacks
  • Hi everyone, I recently bought a Lumix GH2. I've been doing a lot of reading, trying to understand and wrap my head around all these different hacks available for the gh2 firmware. I have 2 32GB SDHC memory card extreme class 10 cards for my gh2. I'm looking for a patch/hack/setting that will improve my video quality while remaining stable. I've read about the driftwood hacks, and flowmotion. It seems like most of the hacks I've read about focus pretty heavily on bitrate. Are there any other advantages to the hacks?

    I realize this is a pretty basic question, but I have yet to really get my questions answered by reading.

    thanks for any help

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  • Hi there - Sanity 5 is very stable and great quality, I'd start there - just try a few and see what works with your lenses and cards.

  • Yeah if you want reliability go with Sanity 5

  • Yeah Sanity 5 works a charm

  • thanks everyone. I just loaded up the sanity 5 patch. I'm wondering now if there is anything special that I need to do in order to take advantage of the hack? I'm still getting used to the interface and trying to get the different modes memorized for the different resolutions and framerates.

    Thanks again for any help