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  • Has anyone had experience with getting these rigs shipped to the UK? Were you stung on import tax, VAT etc?

  • ofcourse u ll have to pay income tax

  • Income tax! I pay that already lol

    I was asking in the hope there may be a way to get round it..... I live in hope

  • Gini uses UPS courier and UPS will send income tax invoice to you later. At least this is the case in Finland.

  • Cool. Thanks for the info

  • "income tax" you mean import tax :-)

  • Rockin' the Extreme-17 on a commercial shoot. Loving it.


    612 x 612 - 100K
  • Just purchased a rig + i-focus. Do you guys know if the seller really waits 15 days before shipping or does he ship sooner ?

  • They dispatch usually within 3 days, from my experience.

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • I purchased my first Gini items .. a simple baseplate and two short rods. I think the metalwork is outstanding quality.

    My only criticism is the baseplate has 4 slots (which in my opinion are mean't to have rubber or cork in them) which are empty .. I contacted him and was advised that there are no rubber or cork parts .. he offered to send me a longer camera screw to prevent the camera rotating.

    After inspecting his pictures, I will probably buy a few more pieces for my B-Cams .. aware that i will need to cut up some rubber sheet or cork to make them work.

  • For the first time I have some negative feedback for Gini.

    • Purchased 2 items in 2 weeks. 2 weeks delivery is negative itself but then Gini put the items in the same package (and I paid those huge ~$100 shipping cost for each item). Asked over week ago if he could refund some of the shipping cost -> no answer.
    • The other item was missing 2 critical parts. Asked about this over week ago also -> no answer.

    Good thing is that he added some small parts as gift, when I was asking for one little knob -> he added 5 of them and also couple of short extension rods.

  • @tonalt : I ordered a rig a week ago, still not shipped but Gini always states that items will be shipped within 15/30 days... So some lucky customers get their items in 5 days while others wait for 2 weeks. Didn't contact him yet, I'll wait 2 or 3 days, then we'll see.

  • @ kavadni

    I ordered the same baseplate last week and experienced the same problem -- there is mothing to stop the camera from rotating and the camera screw is too short. The free shipping, however, was incredible; I ordered late Wed. night, and received it Friday morning.

    Rather than tryjng to work this problem out with Gini, I'm putting this baseplate back on eBay. It's a nicely machined piece, but is completely useless in its current state and not worth the trouble to work around. I ordered a Berkey System Mikro baseplate instead.

  • @aproiri .. I have flipped mine upside down .. I have a Sony Handycam which the mounting hole is offset from lens center .. conveniently the offset hole in the tripod baseplate places the Handycam in center of rails. I have covered it with cork .. the day after I won it, he put up another piece .. BP-7 which has two of the pieces I wanted .. doh .. damn it.

    My screw was long enough

  • Just received my rig after two weeks, overall quality is excellent, moreover there is absolutely NO backlash with the follow focus :)

  • @krotal I purchased one on the 14th, it shipped on the 20th and arrived by the 22nd. The quality seems to be very good, and the follow focus also seems to work well.

    Any new suggestions on a good lens gear for the follow focus?

  • @Nayche , i bought (and hope will get soon) from Cinematics and make a short video review ...

  • @Nayche : I bought these ones but i'm not very satisfied because they only work with larger lenses (outer barrel diameter >70mm) otherwise you'll get bumps while pushing/pulling focus... Anyway I recommend you to choose some kind of plastic gears like the Cinematics ones

  • @feha and @krotal Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out the Cinematics one. I appreciate it.

  • my gini FF broke where the wheel connects, very small connection, after limited and "babied" use. It was missing from the first package he sent, might have been a defective one? He offered new one for 149 with 60 shipping... my only negative. I have the extreme 17 and another small C cage version, very quick shipping as well

  • I've got the extreme 17 on order from their July sale. I'm looking forward to it and hoping that it comes sooner than later, Shipping was almost a quarter of the price! 2-3 day international courier something like that, but not sure if they've actually sent it, yet.

  • @artiswar: What lens is that? Lomo OCT-18?

  • @Gabel: Yep, 28mm/f2

  • I got the GH2 cage with the shoulder support, and the foam piece that you're suppose to stick onto the curved metal support, well the sticky part came completely off, only a day after installing, and not even field tested! It was just sitting on a tripod in my office and the next day it was on the floor. Also, when I first received the package, it was missing some 5mm bolts necessary for the rod clamp to go on the backside to hold the shoulder support, and one of the rubber grips was a couple sizes too big! Gini(Toto) did manage to refund some money back to compensate... I did however find a slightly better solution for the shoulder to come!