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What do you want to see in our deals?
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  • Are you able to get deals on software or plugins? Twixtor, for instance?

  • +1 batteries v-mount

  • I second the requests for SD cards - though there are tons of deals on eBay there are also tons of fakes. It would be nice to have a reliable source of SD cards at a good price.

    Same goes for software and/or hard drives.

    As far as camera gear, a deal on a decent jib arm would be awesome as would an expansion kit for stabilizer - for those of us with Glidecams, Wondlans etc. it would be nice to upgrade to an arm and vest solution.

    Whatever new deals you're able to add Vitaliy, thanks for all the work you do.

  • LCD monitors. Whatever be, pls make it possible to get, doesnt get sense if after post the deals the pms doesnt get answer:)

  • Well i will buy a GH2 here, if you can get good prices with international shipment and warranty (GH2 sells expensive in Mexico if you can even find one, Panasonic Mexico doesn't sell them). And US warranty is not valid here, so no much to do, i know warranty is not very important because you loose that with the hack, but its always good to have if you are buying new just to get it to work correctly the first time. It would be just amazing to have also a lenses repository, so you can sell and buy and trade used cheap lenses for GH2 here.

    Thanks for the amazing work Vitaliy

  • 4x4 filters, Vavaron stuff is allways cool, decent Monitors, anyone for Slr Magic lenses??? Thank you Vitaliy

  • +1 4x4 ND filters

  • +2 on some decent priced set of NDs

    Betcha a good deal on m43 adaptors (nikkor, cannon fd, etc) would go like hotcakes. I'd love to get a good quality but reasonably priced PL mount that could hold heavy lenses. $1200+ for the hot rod one seems excessive.

  • +1 4x4 ND Filters - sets would be nice. Don't stop with Lanparte, i will buy one soon.

    • 1 on ND Filters...a good kit would be awesome but a decent price vari ND would also be great

  • @jokerzd2

    Duct tape? FOR SHAME. Gaff tape all the way.


    perhaps some sort of external battery solution? Also, sliders are okay and all, but there's something about a crane . . .

    I'd be really interested to see how cheap you could find stuff like C-stands, flags, etc.

  • Yes, v-mount batterie packs for good price would be great!


    LED-spot light/fresnell

    wireless HDMI system ( like for half price)

    wireless FF system


  • LED-spot light/fresnell

    It is certainly coming.

    wireless FF system

    As I know our partners work on this, can't tell you more :-)

    wireless HDMI system

    I am not sure about deals, but I am sure that we'll see cheap solutions soon.

  • v-mount batterie packs for good price would be great!

    Do you prefer V standard battery or just two Sony F970 ?

  • ND-Filters & Varavon sliders

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev as I just bought the cinematics v-mount battery pinch and have one of the DN2 900 LED lights (and thinking of getting another one;-) I'm only in need of the V standard batteries.

  • ND-Filters

    4x4 glass filter set must be available next week.

    Varavon sliders

    Check weekend deals

  • Do you prefer V standard battery or just two Sony F970 ?

    I too have bought the Lanparte Cinch, so v-mount

  • mini jib (3-4 feet)

  • I'm also interested in V-mount batteries.

  • V-mount batteries

  • It is interesting. I mean demand for V mount batteries. :-) I am working on it now.

  • Personally I would love to see some battery packs with adjustable voltage that could hook up to Panasonics DC adapter like the Tekkeon 3450i