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14-140 lens issue
  • Hi everyone,

    I just recently acquired a GH2 with the 14-140mm lens. When walking with the lens, the lens keeps extending to full zoom not staying in the position i left it in which is really annoying . Is this normal?

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  • definitly not normal.

  • My 14-140 extends as well while walking

  • Mine doesnt

  • Mine doesn't. But I heard it will eventually.

  • Yup, mine extends while walking. And it feels loose in the camera mount, but my 17mm Olympus pancake is tight as can be.

  • If it extends, it means it'll be good for zooming in video. Mine doesn't and is fairly juddery unless zoomed at a fast enough speed.....although I rarely zoom.

  • Yes mine does if I carry it tilted forwards.

  • thx, i can see a lot of diversity in how one shoots here... however i'm really interested in how my lense behave... i'm a photographeur and whether i'm using a 50mm or zoom lens i do not expect the the field of view to alter that much from shot to shot.... and wouldn;t expect a video lens to behave any differently..... the weight of the lens should never change it's aperture and pull it forward that much... that when i'm shooting and turn my camera down to look at my image my lens as completely changed its focal length so as to readjust.... is this normal or am i being a m43 novice..... please help

  • post scriptum. it's a bran new lens......

  • @Diffusion33

    It is normal for almost all ultrazoom lenses (if it does not have lock). And many other lenses.

  • @Diffusion33, my 14-140 does not move on its own.

  • And mine does (and is new).

  • Also my Sigma 17-50 and 24-70 are doing it. The heavy glass is pulling down, but not instantly it always takes a bit of walking. These lenses of mine are not loose. A bit tighter and they would not extend but wouldn't zoom that smooth either.

  • This problem has got me thinking if some friction could be added to the zoom ring using a large band of rubber and some felt, making contact with the neighboring fixed portion of the lens barrel. Too bad the OIS switch is kind of in the way.

    I suppose a follow focus on the zoom ring would also help.

  • @balzar If that's the case than the zoom lever makes sense. Or the jar opener option. The lever is overpriced but does what it should. The jar opener works, but will slip if not tight enough. I have the lens and it doesn't extend on its own.

    Lever here:

  • I popped one of these on mine - just a variation on the good old plastic band!

  • The Canon 100-400L has a good approach (for 4x the cost) - variable zoom resistance simply by twisting.

  • Hello,

    That is typical for this type of lens.

    You can get a high quality rubber band (black would look more professional) and put it around your lens barrel over the zoom ring (not touching any other part of the lens but the zoom ring) while you are using the camera your zoom will function the way it's suppose to.

    When your finished shooting for the moment and you want to walk, talk, or whatever and don't want the lens to get an erection, slide the rubber band part way onto a non moveable part of the lens barrel so that it spans the zoom ring and another part of the lens (1/2 on the zoom ring and 1/2 off of the zoom ring).

    Now that should stop the lens from any unwanted extending.

    PS this has nothing to do with the zoom lever in the previous post.

  • I've never had this issue with my 14-140, or at least never noticed it.

  • Mine doesn't do it. If anything it's too tight.

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