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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • You still haven't told us which filters you are using. They might have a big impact.

  • Will there be a new Ghears for CS6? I'm wondering if install works the same for CS6?

  • I've already ported them into CS6 with no problems. No need for new GHears, they are totally forward compatible. I will be adding some new GHears thanks to some new functionality in CS6, but everything that you have now works just fine in 6

  • @Shian I ported them a few days ago as well with no problems. Also, I recently finished a reel of projects I've worked on in various roles usually as DP, editor, and colorist (heh if you can call it that yet). There is a grading section where I show the before and after of shots I graded almost all exclusively with ColorGhears.

  • @shian Was CS6 worth the upgrade from CS5?

  • @stonebat

    Just get cloud subscription and try :-) Or try trial.

  • Yeap. The trial first. Things are changing only faster.

  • Cloud is very good option, especially for indie guys, as most of our members. As I remember it'll work since 11 May.

  • Was wondering if anyone could help with a quick question regarding AE 5.5. Is there a setting to achieve the same as using the CAPS LOCK button? I use VNC to connect to my computer when I'm not at home and sometimes I need to render a project but cannot send the "CAPS LOCK" button to my host computer. So I was wondering if there was a setting I could change to achieve the same thing.

  • Hey Shian,

    Having alot of success with CGT so far. After a lot of bouncing the footage around different programs I thought to ask you what the best workflow is using these programs to preserve quality.

    1. 5D 2 RGB
    2. Final Cut Pro
    3. After Effects

    Final Output would be to Vimeo.

    Just wondering how to deal with the outputting from each program, to best preserve quality the whole way through - and lose the least amount of quality or original picture through compression.



  • @Fontee the workflow laid out. Or watch the working with sequences/automatic duck tutorial, it's all in there.

  • One request, when posting videos on vimeo or youtube that have been graded in ColorGHear, please mention CGT in the description or credits. Help perpetuate the movement, as it were. I will be eternally grateful.

  • @shian : This is like Facebook, if you right click the time of post (April 12 in that case) you get a direct link to the post: ;)

  • @shian - One of my experimental pieces graded with CGT showed at a student showcase today at university. You sir were in the special thanks. I'll upload and post soon! Thanks!

  • Well, Cghear has changed the way I grade forever. I haven't used colorista or magic bullets in months.

    I found the tutorial on making your own film stocks interesting but you covered way too much ground out of the gate. The blending of duplicate clips was confusing and I think assumed a pre-knowledge of all that.

    I'd also suggest that you list a recipe of some of the custom film stocks. Trying to see what gear you're adding and opacities and blending and all the rest is nearly impossible. You also might want to start some of these tutorials with a blank slate rather than having everything already added.

    I'll play around with it all once I have a strong starting place, but I've been unable to create a custom film stock that used duplicate clips that was superior to just adding ghear levels.

  • I'm trying to keep the length down, I thought with everything I else I covered in the previous Tuts, I could skip some steps, apparently not. I'll see if I can't revise.

  • The tutorials are very helpful and what makes it so usable. I had no problems following the other tutorials. But the tutorials are doing advanced stuff now and it's no longer just dropping a ghear in a layer.

    Part of the problem, is since all the layers are given Ghear names, it's very hard for me to see if you have added an adjustment layer with a gear OR have added a duplicate precomposed clip with a ghear in it, like in the last tutorial. It's impossible to see the icons that indicate that.

    Maybe you could have a naming convention that indicates video clip or layer. Or you could write the recipe out so if we can't catch in the video we can refer to it on the paper.

    Also when topics like Blending are referred to while assuming pre-knowledge of that, maybe you could point to a good reference for further targeted, in the scope of the tutorial, reading.

    Good stuff though.

  • @Chauncy in the film stocks tutorial the footage layers are "2-strip", "Hulk", and "Original w Original base" or any layer in the others that says "original" (ie cineghamma original mix). If you go fullscreen and make sure HD is turned on, you can clearly read them.

    ANd the only layer that gets a transfer mode applied is Hulk...

  • @shain Will my GHears work with AE6?

    Never mind shain. I just read your post about cs6 and decided to save some money. I'll hang on to 5 a while longer.

  • After NAB, i did some shooting not too far away. Thanks again Shian.!i=1839888705&k=MRv4WS9&lb=1&s=A

  • Finally had time to upload this super experimental, artsy piece. Assignment was to visually interpret and incorporate the poem in the video. Shot and edited same day. Graded with the trusty CGT. Had a little fun with Warp Stabilizer.

  • @pvjames @artiswar Wow guys, great work!!! Glad to see I'm making a little difference in the world. Makes me want to work harder on all of this.

  • @all Okay, so over the weekend you might notice some changes to the has already quietly appeared... It should have a lot more content by the middle of next week, but for now here's a little teaser for the ColorGHear Film School...

    The page is live, but only the 2 primer videos are up on the site. An overview of the course, and a recommendation for setting up your workspace. More to come as I get them edited, and exported. All registered ColorGHear users now have access to the film school. So check it out, and bookmark the page.

    I will work all day today to get more content up, but I have a wedding to attend up the coast tomorrow, so I'll have to knock off tonight and get out of town, but I'll be back to work on Monday getting all the tutorials online. Again, I hope to have it all up by the middle of next week.

    Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 8.53.41 AM.png
    1205 x 1235 - 1006K
    Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 9.00.13 AM.png
    1313 x 1218 - 989K
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