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  • Sure. Let's make it the plan, but throw around some dates. I'd be okay with Mar. 5th.

  • Mar 5th and up to 8 pages of wonderfulness sounds great to me!

  • sounds good

  • You know what would be pretty awesome, is if we somehow collaborated on the 15 minute short film festival youtube is doing right now. I know it's impractical and unlikely we could pull off anything resembling a competent narrative with such short time... but would be fun nonetheless.

  • Got to get back to getting ready to attend the Grammys tomorrow (no cameras allowed inside, but then you'd get it better from the broadcast anyway) but wanted to chime in that my offer to edit the script still stands, regardless of the workflow chosen to get to that point.

    Looking forward to this a lot. :)

  • Hi guys!

    So tomorrow marks the date where the writers should hand out the beat sheets, etc. But poor Atticus is behind schedule. There’s been some crazy shit in my life these last weeks and I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. If you’d be so kind as to give me another week to finish this, I will have the complete structure on paper plus the first couple of scenes on March 12 no matter what. If you feel like the project cannot be delayed anymore, no problem, I’ll offer to help the other writers, supervising or whatever they need me to do. So, it’s up to you guys. No offence will be taken, no matter what you choose.

    Thanks for the patience! I’m really sorry!

  • Boys and Girls!

    I've sent a pm to those in the inner circle. Juicy stuff inside!

  • So what happened with this initiative, is there a possibility to still make this?

  • Good question. :) Are people still motivated to proceed with this? Where did we leave things off with the script?

  • I think you need to ask participating guys who is their progress.

  • Hi guys!

    Since no one turned more written material I've carried on with my script. I've been writing at a slow pace because I'm involved in too many projects right now and the thread was awfully quiet. I'm to blame on that part.

    The thing is if we set a date to deliver a first draft (I would need 2 months or so) I would be fully committed to have it ready by then. The only guarantee I need is that the direction units are also committed to start shooting whenever we have a final draft ready (3-4 months from now, maybe earlier?).

    At this time, the direction units should show a proof of their commitment. This has been suggested already and I like the idea: Submit some stills of some possible locations. It doesn't have to be something final; it would be just a proof that we really want to be involved.

    Right now it's just a story written at an irregular pace. It could be finished in some weeks, months, by the end of the year... But set a date and I will have the motherfucker ready in time. I would also be ready to shoot my segment when the time comes. That's my commitment. So, the question would be: Guys, are you still game?

  • @atticusd

    I still think that it was too ambitious project.
    How about make something very short, later make it longer and longer.
    Going on by one, I mean.

  • @atticusd If the 7 other people that showed up with their GH2s for the testing on Sunday helped show anything, it's that we have people ready to go in this geographic area.

    If you want a place that looks like the protagonists are "completely unconcerned with mess since they won't be around long enough to have to deal with it for very long" then we could probably shoot something in my tiny house. ;)

    More seriously, if we used a very small crew and could shoot without drawing too much attention, then almost any of those locations (except for the ones with statues or fountains) would be potential candidates. The ones near the mountains or waterfall might be possible with larger crews, if the script called for them.

  • I'm here, but I'm not "inner circle," and have not seen anything since everyone did their pitches (a couple months back or so). Is there now an online treatment to view or something? In the meantime, I've been getting busier writing my fourth feature for a film that I want to direct at the end of this year. I'm also preparing to make a short this summer. I'm not feeling so committed now, as it has seemed that the momentum has swung in the direction of 'stalled', however, if a real screenplay gets written and we agree how we will produce it and weave the work of each crew together, then... I'm still in.

  • Hi i think the best way to do this is through here, it started here in this thread and it will be finished here, i dont know if i been counted but im willing to lead a unit. I have my gh2 and a bunch of friends from cinema school so i think thats enough.

    What kind of locations does the script call for¿? and in which situation? i remember a draft of it, but would like to see it posted here, though it may seem rudimentary we should post everything here!

    maybe putting deadlines is killing us so we should take this as an open project with no clear ending - in process?

  • @thepalalias I'm still up for working on this project. I don't feel I can lead a unit myself, but I would be more than happy to work with a unit here in Southern California on this project.

  • Oh yeah. Forgot to remind: I'm based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but ~may~ have a return trip to Japan coming up, so -- with appropriate warning -- may also be able to shoot in Japan.

  • I'm still game to help out any way needed. I won't be in LA, but rather back in MN for the summer, then in NYC next semester.

  • i was thinking how are we gonna divide the acttions, i mean once the script is finished each team picks a part and shoots ?

    also what about settings? should each use the setting it wants or should we choose one for all?

    please @atticusd share here what you got so far if you dont mind!

  • @Atticusd @sebasp1 I think we need to be aware of the teams we have available as the script is being written. When you are composing a piece for orchestra, it is important to know what the ensemble's configuration will be, and I think in a piece as geographically diverse as this, the same thing applies. :)

    @sanzadez I'm happy to coordinate the L.A. crew if no one else would prefer the job. Otherwise, I'd be happy to assist.

    I am going to check the earlier e-mails to see if there is a version of the early script available to read still.

  • if you need filmscoring, i can do it

  • @thepalalias @all

    Here you have it:

    Password: pleaseletmein

    Inside you'll find the Beat Sheet and a couple of scenes. It's a bit rough but you get the idea.

  • @AtticusD

    Here's my read on the first part of the excerpt. Let me know if you feel like the tone has drifted too far from your intent - I was mainly just trying to make it more concrete

    Please send me your e-mail address so that we can both have full access to the document and so that I can calibrate more closely to your writing style, making sure I don't suggest editing out that parts that are most important to you. Also, right now everyone else just has viewing and commenting ability.

    My apologies about the formatting: I couldn't copy from the PDF so I had to just re-type all of it in a new document.

    @B3Guy When we talked about all this stuff a while back, it had been discussed that I would oversee the music side. But given my schedule, I doubt I would have time to score the thing myself. It would be great to have at least a couple composers on the project so each of us could play to our strengths.

    What are your specialties and what are the parts you tend to enjoy writing for the most? On a project like this, there's no reason anyone should end up stuck writing stuff they feel is filler. :)

  • @sebasp1 @all

    By now I have more written material but I'd rather not show it until a first draft is completed. Sometimes too much exposure kills the thing for me. It's stupid supersticious stuff, I know, but I can't help it.

    About settings, in my opinion it would be advisable that everyone use the same settings and film modes even if just to make things easier for the post guys.

    The story has been thought out with a collaborative approach in mind. It can easily be divided in pieces and shot by different crews around the world. If I need to rewrite some segments to accommodate them to the particular needs of a certain crew, that won't be a problem at all. The goal is to shoot something decent. I'm not going to be precious about every aspect of the story if that means making a crappy movie.

  • @atticusd

    I figured it had probably changed a lot since then, that's why I only did the first scene. I mainly showed it so that you could get a sense for some of my thoughts relative to what was on the page at that point, and so that I could get a sense of what was most essential to you.

    No hurry to show/share the rest. Just wanted you to know that I'll be ready to read it when you do.

    As far as settings, I think we should establish them ahead of time. I forsee 2 or 3 variations: 1 for shots short enough to not need to span, 1 for shots that need to span and possibly an additional one for any shots requiring 720P or 1080i (e.g. slow-motion).

    But I don't think it makes sense to address that until right before production, because the settings keep getting updated every week.