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Zorki - that's camera culture i belive...
  • Just bought on Tradera, a Zorki 4 with Industar 50, about 45 $ I paid including shipment from London. I will buy an adapter and try the Lens on my Gx1. :) It will be funny when it arrives. The price includes a leatherbag too.

    I found a lots about this cameras on internet. I never heard about the brand before but it seem to be a wellknown brand making Leica-copies.

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  • Camera culture?

    I have same camera as and I mainly use it for BW. ( but I happened to have finished a velvia on it today!). But you really need ideal conditions to get any contrast with combo. and do think about getting a lens hood ( or use your hand). superb results with BW though, body texture is amazing and it can be tack sharp. You will have to try with no expectations, russian cameras are famous to be unrealible since it is said they had a big production but no much quality control. that doesn't matter so much for lenses, since once they have good design and parts there is not much to miss, but it does matter a lot for camera mechanisms. I had a fed-2 and I really loved it. this zorki is not as reliable but maybe yours will be ( fed's are known to be more reliable - I guess they were made for soviet union and zorkis for exportation). If you like it, latter get jupiter12 lens ( it won't ft on m43) but it's a great little lens. jupiter9 is also interesting since its usable for gh2, fast 15 blades etc. I never use it for stills on my gh2, I really don't like the look.

    But man, I do enjoying taking the zorki and simpy slowing down, waiting and observing. Sometimes I go for a stroll and don't take a single picture, but it does help me seeing the world in a very nice beautiful perspective. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do

  • Thank you ttancredi, for replay!

    Camera culture? Cameras seem to have personality, just think if this cameras could talk. How they been travelling around all over the world, this cameras has a history compaired to many Leicas. A Leica is a Leica nothing to say about it but a "CCCP" camera is also a camera but... If I have this two cameras I choose the "CCCP" to bring with me when I go travelling becouse I do not have to be so careful about it.

    There is a Fed 5 with the mark "CCCP" for sale on tradera next week 27 april. Mabe I buy that too! This camera seem to have been caretaken more than the one I already bought. Look more like new. Seem to be heavy cameras. I haven't got the one I bought yet.

  • That was my first telemeter camera, back to 2001.

    I still have it with a black jupiter-8 (50mm, F2).

    Please let us know how your industar works with the gx1 :-)

  • Rickyxxx! Ofcourse I will! I read about Jupiter and that lens are better than the Industar but I am happy if the lens working for me.

    Camera culter: The thing that help us to share our short moment while we walking some steps on earth.

    It is not my video I just found it on youtube but something in this video are for all of us.