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Official Low GOP topic, series 5
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  • @bkmcwd

    "The frequency of the electricity my town is 50 Hz. If 50i and 25p are probably shot with a display, electric frequency and frame rate will synchronize and I will think that such a result will come out"

    Many thanks for investigating the issue!

    Actually it has nothing to do with the monitor frequency. All your GOP3 settings with the stock matrix show an even cadence on the same chart (of course on the same monitor). Too, shooting static scenes outdoor it's the same: stock matrix shows an even cadence, Sedna A matrix shows an uneven cadence. Apparently it has no impact on the IQ ... but you never know.

  • Here is GOP3ZILLA & HQ Matrix (based on the latest GOP3ZILLA & Sedna A matrix).

    50i GOP table modified to stabilze HBR in PAL mode.

    Seems to work good so far. HBR/25p looks really good!

    Attached Streamparser grabs from a death chart

    • 24H (static)

    • HBR/25p (static)

    • HBR/25p (lens was covered and opened fast)

    • HBR/25p (lens was covered and opened slowly)

    • HBR/25p (fast wipe in front of the lens)

    746 x 398 - 40K
    746 x 398 - 39K
    746 x 398 - 40K
    746 x 398 - 41K
    746 x 398 - 45K
  • And here is GOLGOP3 & HQ Matrix.

    50i GOP table modified to stabilze HBR in PAL mode (almost).

    Attached Streamparser grabs from a death chart, again with some shadowplay in front of the lens on the second HBR/25p shot.

    HBR/25p looks really good!
    746 x 398 - 40K
    746 x 398 - 39K
    746 x 398 - 46K
  • @royfel

    Thanks. :-)

    The difference is mainly Q setup and the GOP tuning for 24p. It is almost the same except 24p.

  • @towi

    Many thanks for infomation! Well, I got your opinion. However, I am not sure...

    And thanks for good Combination. :-)

    I looked at your modification. I think that it is a meaningful change since I consider the place which must change this portion absolutely by a matrix.

    I know that my latest settings are not perfect other than 24p. I also combine HQ matrix next. Thanks again!

  • I know i'm not the only that has noticed this: with gop1 there is always when shooting handheld with non-stabilizing lenses like canon fd 50mm or that even happen with panasonic 20mm 1.7 something like a shacking effect that doesn't happen with gop3. This happend to me with sedna A aq1 today so i switched to V4b and it was better but still shaking a lil bit. I love these gop1 patches and i know for a serious job there will be no problems with a tripod or shoulder rig or stabilizer.

    On the other hand when shooting with natural_V2.0" setting it was different, all the footage was way more stable, and i'm sure if i try GOP3ZILLA_SednaAQ1A_V2 i won't have any problems as well.

    Any explanation on this?

  • Assume you mean shaking this the jumpy or jittery behavior referred to by many in 24p footage (I see that as well)...

  • @jam yes that's what i mean in 24p but also in 25p

  • @bkmcwd

    "I looked at your modification. I think that it is a meaningful change since I consider the place which must change this portion absolutely by a matrix"

    Actually I just took the 50i GOP tables from one of your settings (GOP3ZILLA 2.1). So it was just trial & error. 24H in GOLGOP3 & HQ looks really great! HBR/25 in GOP3ZILLA & HQ also looks great!

    "I also combine HQ matrix next"

    I love you! :-)

    "Thanks again!"

    What?! We have to thank you!

    In case I didn't mentioned it yet...: you rock! :-))

  • @Swiss_Boy

    Thanks for testing my settings! :-)



    I appreciate to that you use my settings and bringing about new ideas. I do not have a fluent mouth in English. As for me, it is glad that I let you understand the point that I concentrated on. Thanks again. :-)

    Since I myself am confused, I rearrange the settings which combined the matrix here.

    I release "GOLGOP3-13_SednaAQ1A_V2.1", "GOP3ZILLA_SednaAQ1A_V2.1", "GOLGOP3-13_HQ_V2.0" and "GOP3ZILLA_HQ_V2.0" settings.

    Of course, these are also the settings focused on image quality with LARGE I-FRAME SIZE except 60p and 50p.

    And, I am also focusing to stability.

    In "Sedna" versions, SH is improved a little from the previous versions. Others are the same as before.

    In "HQ" versions, FSH, HBR and SH are more optimized than before.

    Please refer to here to combine @thepalalias's "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"

    Please try it.

    Special thanks to @driftwood and @towi! :-)


    *Although bit rate setups are quite high, the bit rate which actually appears are lower than these. Since the actual bit rate changes by the object to shoot, please confirm by yourself.

    *24H mode is high quality 3GOP setting with mega size I-frame.

    *24L mode is for 24p80%(30p).

    *In camera playback is available in 24p. In other mode, Sometimes available.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *EX Tele works.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    *Spanning in 24H, 24L, maybe in FSH, HBR, and SH with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card.(Not tested yet, but probably)

    1295 x 632 - 162K
    1296 x 633 - 159K
    1295 x 633 - 159K
    1297 x 633 - 160K
    1296 x 633 - 157K
    1295 x 631 - 164K
  • @bkmcwd first of all, thank you fir thus amazing settings. I have tested gop3zilla-Sedna v2 on a sandisk extreme pro 30mb / /32gb . 24h / 24h+80% / 24h+tele ext / 720 60p. -everything worked with no issues. Not tested spanning yet.

  • @YOSS

    Thanks for testing my setting. :-)

    Since the actual max bit rate of the latest GOP3ZILLAs is not so high, it is good in the ability to spanning. Moreover, please tell me comment.

  • @bkmcwd

    whats up, hows it goin??

    thanks for all these amazing patches,, which shall i have my gh2 eat for breakfast i wonder?

    so whats is up with this new ptools? what does it do that is new?


    hows the 6gop?

  • @flaschus

    "which shall i have my gh2 eat for breakfast i wonder?"

    Of course, you should choose a favorite one. I do not understand the matrix. In response to some user's request, these sets combined the famous good matrix.
    If I choose out of these four, I will choose "GOP3ZILLA_HQ_V2.0" personally.

    "so whats is up with this new ptools?"

    Although I have not tried yet, I am imagining that I can use.

    "hows the 6gop?"

    I am busy with combining the matrix and I do not have the time for completing 6GOP now. :-(

  • @bkmcwd

    i will try the hq... thx 4 the tip!

    " not have the time for completing 6GOP now. :-("

    the "stable gf2 hack" right now is at 6gop...

    maybe there is a clue in there?

    anyway i love the gop3zilla w. sedna A so far, been shooting 24p mode noproblems..

    screenshot of gop3zilla wsedna a v2, 20mm @5.6 160 hoya nd8

    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • @flaschus

    "maybe there is a clue in there?"

    Thanks for info, and thank you for using my setting. Screenshot looks very nice! :-)

  • @bkmcwd

    okay ... first tests of GOP3ZILLA_HQ_V2.0 on death charts and tungsten lit static scenes look very, very good (the streams analysed in Streamparser as well as the actual video). Highly detailed video with a nice noise pattern (both 24H and HBR/25p). Really seems to be a very promising patch! Have to do more tests ...

    Many thanks!!

  • towi please look at HBR 30 also THX

  • @royfel

    "towi please look at HBR 30 also THX"

    why? I don't shoot NTSC mode... so I really have no reference to compare or judge anything ...

  • I added the samples of GOP3ZILLA_HQ_V2.0. :-)

  • @towi

    Thanks for testing! :-)

    Since it may be necessary to improve HBR and SH of Sedna_V2.1s, I am still continuing the test. HQ version does not seem to have a problem.

  • @bkmcwd I'm finding it near on impossible to see any benefit of using the Sedna matrix over the HQ matrix myself. I'd settle with the HQ versions as being the stable accross all modes, it is a matrix that seems much better geared to GOPs greater than 1.

  • @Stray

    I am also likely to result in the same conclusion as you. Except 24p, Sedna matrix combination is unstable in all the modes. And I can not think that image quality is also good. On the other hand, HQ matrix combination is very stable and also good. Sedna matrix combination may be practical only in Intra...

  • @bkmcwd HQ matrix is very good for GOP3. Do not worry.

  • @driftwood

    Thanks mate! :-)

    Yes, I also found that HQ matrix was suitable for 3GOP. Since the setting stabilized nearly perfectly with Sedna matrix now is being completed, I will release it later. I do not know whether it is good.