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Can't download the .zip files for patch vault.. (tearing hair out)
  • I'm positive that I've read about this a long time ago but how on earth do i download the .zip files for patches ( say, from the patch vault?
    Tried on every computer in the house ( all PC with windows XP and 7), sorry for the noob question. Cheers
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  • Try again when you're logged in.
  • I've tried this so many times...cleared my cache...logged in...pulled out tufts of my thinning hair....can't.... download....settings. AARARARAGAGGAGAG

  • if you click on the files, then what happens, Nothing?

  • @Christopher @azza_act I've had similar problem. It turned out I needed to get a new gmail adress, fill in the 'Edit My Account' page and click on the link in the confirmation email. The non-gmail adress I used first probably wasn't compatible in some way. I hope this helps.

  • @Christopher Try different browser?

  • 1) Do other files download ok? 2) Logged in? 3) What happens when you right click on icon? Do you get a popup? 4) What browser are you using (I use Windoze 7 with boot camp on a mac and have no problems with Firefox)? 5) If all else fails, have someone email them to you - they're small!