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Getting an NTSC FS-100 for us Europeeans!
  • I'm really liking what I'm seeing with the FS-100, it is one hell of a camera.
    But there is one issue: I need 24p, rather than 25p. As such I need an NTSC version.
    So just import it you say!
    Except there's a problem: You can't!

    Sites like B&H are not allowed to sell it to Europe and I've even spoken with Sony themselves and they said that they can't import an NTSC version.
    Which means that this thread goes out with the question: Does anybody here have any idea of how to import an NTSC version to Europe?

    Of course, with a contact they could buy it there, but to me it just feels like there's got to be an easier way!

    So this thread is dedicated to finding a solution! Of course, if one knew how to hack it into getting 24p, that could work too...
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  • I had a look at their site... And unfortunately they only ship items for up to $2500...
  • I think Vitaliy mentioned in another post that YOU are the one that declares how much it costs, so just say it's $2499. :P
  • You can declare it as $100 :-)
    They protect themselfs, as I understand, by citing $2500 sum.
  • Yeah, I figured that as soon as I had posted.
    However, I have a friend who's going to the US in September it turns out, so I might go that route instead!