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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    Mine 32Gb ones say the same.
    For me they are fine. But I do not use any extreme things.
    Why you think that they are bad?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I wanted to use Driftwoods patches...everyone says the UHS-I cards dont write fast enough and I have issues with the 45MB one I already had ....

  • @No_SuRReNDeR

    May be try it first?
    As this is not 64Gb 95Mb/s card anyway.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Ok ...maybe I should delete the nasty review i gave them on amazon....I tend to over react sometimes...
    thx vk
  • @no_surrender, those Extreme HD Video cards are what most of us are using, and they are fine. I have two of the 16 GB ones. It's the Extreme Pro 45s that are iffy.
  • @balazer Still that's some BS that pulled the Bait and Switch..I spent hours trying to be positive i was getting an extreme 3...

    Plus--- I dont see why the 45 would be any different...UHS-I is...UHS-I regardless.
  • Yes, the 16 and 32 GB HD Video cards support the higher end patches.

    Yes, bait and switch is bad. But you asked for it. Just look at the reviews on that Amazon item, and the recommmendations in this thread. The item you wanted costs three times what you paid.

    UHS is UHS, but that is just an interface. Not every device with UHS has the same performance characteristics. In any case, the GH2 doesn't have a UHS interface, so any guarantees about the UHS performance of a particular card are irrelevant.

    Every one of your issues has already been covered in this topic.
  • I did read EVERY single review listed but... The price should have been a red flag true...
  • Really? Every review? 13 of the newest 30 reviews say bait and switch. My review says this: "[this item] has been discontinued and it's probably not what you're getting if you order from any of the sellers on Amazon! I contacted several of Amazon's featured merchants for this item, and they all said that they are substituting different cards for this one."
  • @balazer Here's the rub ....Amazon uses the same -sku- etc...for several different vendors...the negative reviews said that "Memory Moguls" was pulling the bait and switch NOTHING not ONE negative review about "Blue Proton".
    Except the one I wrote myself.
  • I have a Extreme Pro 16 gb 45mbs card, and as many are experiencing this card has issues playing nice with some of the higher end GH2 hacks. My simple question is what is the best way to approach sandisk for a replacement. I spoke with an agent briefly online but she seemed to not easily accept that I was saying the card has many issues, and she said I need to benchmark it. She also said that I would get the same card in return. Has anyone here returned their card and got a better replacement, or payed the difference for a better card? If so what did you say? Open sesame? Back your product sandisk bitches? Sorry, I am frustrated and just want some advice.
  • @mee

    benchmark for Extreme Pro 16 gb 45mbs card at 800KB/s minimum write speed (write throughput chart),2940-12.html

  • Hey again Jeffry, I responded to this in the beginners thread, but this seems the better place to ask everyone. Can I just tell Sandisk I am very unhappy with the minimum write speeds? What would you do if you were in my shoes? I can always sell it on yahoo japan for a $20 loss, but I feel this card qualifies for a replacement of a different series just based on that! 800KB/S are they joking! That's a broken card in my opinion.
  • I bought 2 of these. Hope they are the right ones.
  • I heard the new 64 gig SHXC cards will span even the high bitrate stuff? Any truth to this anyone tested yet?....
  • I have the 64GB SDXC SanDisk Extreme Pro (95/MB) and it spans SeAQuake while using Kae's denser death chart.
  • OK, so it was like pulling teeth but Sandisk offered me a replacement/upgrade. HOWEVER, they are offering this Will this have the same issues as the one I have? They are both the SDHC UHS 1 models, but mine is 45MB/s and that one is 95MB/s. They are giving me the option to choose another one presumably in the same price range, so if not that SDHC 95MB/s card which one?? Is the 64 GB card the only SDXC 95 MB/s card they have?
  • From what I have read, only the 64GB 95MB/s is "XC-1" (see label), and seems to be the only one that does the spanning magic on a patch like, SeAQuake.
    32/16/8GB seem to be all "HC-1" (label), and results for some of those tested, disclosed in this forum, are said to be non-spanning with SeAQuake. Perhaps a user with actual experience can verify this.
  • @WhiteRabbit

    Can we continue the discussion at

    The 64gig Sandisk is SDXS - and this discussion is for SDHC.
  • @whiterabbit, I realize the 64GB card is the one to get, but the price Sandisk is asking for it makes it unrealistic for me to get through them, unless they are really feeling the holiday spirit and want to upgrade me all the way! One can always dream. Anyways, I don't need the spanning really, so my only question is if the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I 95MB/s 16GB card will work with all of the highest settings on Seaquake minus spanning of course.
  • Well hearing no response I guess I will be going with the card they are offering me. I may just sell it and use the funds towards a 64 GB card. Tempted to try the 16GB 95Mb/s card just to see how much better it is than the 45MB/s card, but I figure if I never open it I can get a pretty penny for it here.
  • I'm waiting for the GH2 to come back in stock and I'm picking one up to replace my canon HV30. Moving from Tape to SD cards I'm curious to know the amount of footage you can get. What's the file size of each minute of footage (and which hack are you using, since that will change the file size).
  • @mee "Tempted to try the 16GB 95Mb/s card". Its reported that its not spanning. The 64 GB 95Mb/s is until now the only one that spans at high bitrates.
  • @Meierhans and anyone else. Does the 16 GB 95MB/s card work well with Seaquake for everything except spanning? For example 80% speed, and all the highest settings? Spanning is not my number 1 concern at the moment.
  • Dunno, the 32 Gb 30Mb/s was the defacto standard befor 64 Gb 95Mb/s was discovered to stand out. Its pretty much the same price as the 16GB 95Mb/s you are thinking about, but offers twice the space.