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Live streaming with Lumix GH1, 2 or 3 ?
  • Hello everyone,

    Do you know if it is possible to do video live streaming with any of the first three cameras of the GH series (GH1 or GH2 or GH3) ?

    Over USB ? Or over HDMI ? (I would rather suppose over HDMI)

    In case you were successful: you probably used a capture card - which card did you use ?

    Thanks a lot for your answers.


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  • Anything that can encode live video. Maybe a hdmi to usb stick would work fine forget the usb port in the early gh series

  • Yes, use any HDMI capture device.

  • GH2 works fine, if you set it to a mode, that does real 30 FPS, and hit record. Without recording, it will only transmit a very low resolution via HDMI. It is a bit annoying to get all settings right, but once set up, it works like a charme. I have a DC adapter and special patch (somewhere), that records very low bitrate, so I can keep it running pretty much unlimited time.

  • A capture device I have is the Elgato Cam Link 4K. Since it's a USB to HDMI adapter, it can be used on desktop and Laptop PCs.

    If you want advice on streaming software, I'd suggest OBS studio.

  • Note that the GH1 won't have live HDMI out while recording at the same time.

  • I'm new - hello - I come from a Tech background - I joined because I'm interested in Panasonics.

    Forgive me for saying this directly, but what type of mud exists in the brains of the Engineers at Panasonic Video section [I could email them and ask - I'm on their mailing list - but I digress].

    My Panasonic HC-VX1 has USB 3 and HDMI. They have the most brain dead system interfaces.

    Surely the USB-3 interfaces are fast enough to be used for live camera feeds even in 4K, whereas the Wifi is not (capable due to data transfer rates). But they don't support it. They don't even support Remote Serial USB control so that you could turn the camera on and off. They demand that you use wifi....

    Wifi and mobile phones are completely unacceptable on a Film set !!!!

    What if somebody calls you on the phone during the shoot ?

    In the old days they had IR Remote controls, gone now replaced with unprofessional wifi and an app.

    Sorry for my ranting.

    Why can't we send serial commands to the processors? where is the Serial ports on these Panasonic Cameras?

    If you want advice on streaming software, I'd suggest OBS studio.

    Might work for streaming, but HDMI streaming is expensive as it is an additional expense.

    The USB ports on the Cameras are all USB-3, they transfer a gigabyte in about 10-seconds.

    It seems like a "Management Issue" in Panasonic, the 'Managers' don't understand the hardware, or filming on a film-set.

    Anyway, I'm eager to learn what we can do to achieve solutions. I'm not here to complain. I "know" my Panasonic is being "hampered" and I really want to fix it.