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End of an Era: I bricked my GH2
  • Got a black screen while hacking... it turned on again but screen showed confused random patterns... now it does not turn on... sad end...

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  • It is time. I think it felt some disturbance in the force....

  • Suddenly it turned on again, but functions did not work... then not turn on anymore... i turned a hair hot air on it but did not help...

  • The worst thing is the hope to turn on again...

  • I have 2 broken gh2 with almost 10 years of use. Grate camera sad to hear it’s dead. It served you well and good.

    Remember when you tried to make the anamorphic lens?

    Old days.

  • I can sell you mine no problem :)

  • Yesterday I was hacking my GH2 in a try to get a better HBR 30p. I was using a fresh original battery. But suddenly the screen got dark in the middle of hack and camera freeze.

    I removed the battery and inserted again, the camera did not turn on. I removed the battery again. After about an hour I inserted the battery again and camera turned on, but functions was freezing and lcd showed distorted patterns, and then camera freeze and does not turn on again even after remove and reinsert battery.

    I perceived that after one hour without battery the camera was turning on, maybe because all the energy inside it was gone. So I did three attempts to reinstall the firmware, but all the three attempts stoped before the ongoing green bar reach the end. So I concluded the camera was bricked.

    Today after one night without battery, I prepared a new hacked firmware very simple just with datarate increased. And I insert the battery and very quickly I started the ongoing green bar.

    For my surprise the onfoing green bar reached the end and the camera ressurrected like a phoenix. I did a record and it worked. I dont know if it will live but it is working flawless. Maybe the previous hack was with error, and this simple hack was good, or maybe there was humidity inside the camera.

    It is a mistery... GH2 ressurrected after a crash in hack.

    I am very happy... And I hope it will live... I dont know, but I hope...

  • Note - if part responsible for update flashed right - update will work but all else won't.

    It seems to be your case.

    Also issue can be some NVRAM settings stuff, not initialized properly.

  • It seems you are correct. The camera worked ok for some time. And then it freeze and does not power on. The firmware update worked ok so it seems the hack is not the problem. I put the camera over the heat generator to dissipate humidity but it did not help. Maybe the humidity damaged something inside the camera or someting aged and died.

  • The problem is related to energy. After the camera rest for some hours it works ok. But after some minutes it freeze. So maybe the energy makes something go wrong after some minutes and after some hours of rest it works again. My guess is capacitor.

  • Possibly cold solder.

  • Sad. Mine was stolen several years ago. I replaced it with a G6 which has served well. The GH2 had slow frame rates which would be useful for undercranking, which I would love to have back. My main camera is a Z6, which is much better, but no undercranking.