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Nikon Z9 top camera, it could be more in better times
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  • From 1 Z9 at my local bird shooting site to 3 in less than 2 weeks. Talking again to the first adapter, and asking how it's been, he's happy. A Euroasian Wren showed up and we all huddled around a massive mound of sticks waiting for it to appear in the cracks. This is a bird about the size of a golf ball that looks like a brown leaf, a challenge for everyone with many verbally disappointed but enjoying the challenge. I asked him afterwords, was this just easy for you with the Z9. "No, but more Keepers". Anyways, that's real world, not hype. These are older Japanese photographers that are slow to adapt and let loose their money, Most cameras there are 5 to 10 years old including the Nikon's. 3 Z9's on the scene so quickly is noteworthy. In a funny way, My Z6 is getting a bit more respect now as I was basically the only mirrorless Nikon user there 99% of the time. Now I get to help them menu dive.

  • Looks like Nikon is gunning to retake back the throne as top dog of the DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras for filmmaking with. There is a killer list of features they're adding for the Z9 Firmware 2.0

    Nikon is even bringing out a Remote Grip for shooting with!

    Having access to all those features at your fingertips will be super useful for people who are shooting with the camera mounted on their shoulder (such as you'd do with a Sony FS7/FX9, and the Nikon MC-N10 Remote Grip is kinda-ish like the FS7 removable grip)

    Now all we need is for Nikon to develop a Nikon F to Z adapter with an integrated eND filter!

  • Sample looks like a Kodak disposable camera photo.

  • Techinsights is reporting Nikon’s flagship Z9 mirrorless camera is powered by a Sony Semiconductor image sensor.