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sony zv1 vs ax700
  • Hello, i know they are 2 different categories, but in some way are similar though. I want something to use fast, just like a compact or camcorder do, with good af and iq and a rather long zoom. In these aspect also are similar. ANother thing i am intersted too is size and portability of course zv1 is mych better but i don't think the ax700 is that big to carry in the hands. Ax700 is older tech and this could be a downside,. Of course ax700 has some benefit, tipuyca of a camcorder that zv1 don't have. it reasonable to think at the zv1 as a handy camcorder and have good work with it, or better go for a proper camcorder? thanks for suggestions

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  • ax700 is really a very good camcorder. There's a lot of pro features buried in the there, but the main thing is the unbelievably sharp lens. The problem with the ax100 was it was oversharpened, and the ax700 allows you to dial that down. The lens is unreal, worth more than the camera. Think of it as big, sharp zoom lens with some elctronics attached. You get a real motorized zoom, which is basically lacking on most cameras today. OTOH, the ZV1 is smaller and is no slouch. Neither camera has the low noise as like a g85 or an entry level Sony APSC, so consider those as well. If I didn't already have a lot of Lumix glass, and I wanted a budget, high quality camera, I would get on of the Sony APSC cameras. That said, I always take the ax700 along when I need a super sharp zoom, but it is a bit chunky.

  • i have already an aps c. fuji xt3. I want something ready to use, no lkens change or similar things, typical of mirrorless camera. So ax700 is chunky? i never see one directly, from video and picture seems a little bigger than an hand, this is important for me, as i don't want bulky thing to carry around

  • Hard to describe--it's not like a big camcorder, but it fits nicely in one had. I mean, we bought one because it's a really good camera, we still use it. Has ND filters which is really handy. In low light, with a one inch sensor, you are going to see some grain.

  • ok, about the low light , will be the same with zv1 i suppose, being both 1" sensor. Zv1 is compact and this is a good plus fr me, expecially if the 700 it s kind of bulky. If talk about iq zv1 has nothing less than ax70 right?

  • IQ--Sony squeezes a lot out of the 1" sensor. The ZV1 has a 24-70 zoom the ax700 has 29 to 348mm at 16:9. Now that extra on the wide end is nice, but it isn't a monster telephoto zoom like the ax700. The ZV1 is tiny, light. Wide open, the ZV1 lens is a bit faster, so that gives a small edge in low light.

  • I cab get an ax100 for the same price of a zv1, 500 euro..what do you think of this option compared to zv1?(ax700 also but is more expensive)

  • ax100 not worth it. The beauty of the ax700 is the myriad of professional features. Unless you really need a long zoom, the ZV1 will be fine. There's the 6000 series if you need better LL performance.

  • no 6000 series means interchangeable lens and is not what i want...also i have xt3 for that pourposes. I was debating among ax700, zv1 and rx100m7