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Poland openly became fascist state
  • In Poland, local authorities solemnly demolished a monument to the soldiers-liberators of the Red Army

    Broadcast from the scene in the Chrzowice area in the south-west of the country was broadcast live by Polish television. First, a five-pointed star with a hammer and sickle was joyfully removed from the monument, and then its systematic destruction began.

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    1. Being an anti-communist does not mean being a fascist.
    2. Define the concept of fascism and compare it to the system of government of Poland and Russia.
    3. Yes, demolishing monuments is stupid because it does not change anything and causes forgetfulness. We should never forget what the Red Army did, defeated Nazism, enslaved the European East and limited its development.
  • @Mihuel

    Actually, all modern history of Ukraine and lot of exUSSR states show that by being an anti-communist in the end ALWAYS mean that the state will turn into fascist state.

    Yes, demolishing monuments is stupid because it does not change anything and causes forgetfulness

    It is not stupid, it is symbolic. As it just shows fundamental changes in your society.

    As bombs will start flying above your head you will remember my words, I pray that it won't be too late for you.

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev All these people killed by so called Red Army "Liberators" were fascist too?

    Please.... Poland has always been against Natzis and Commies for that matter. You should stop swinging history your way only. As you tell people to read and study history you should do it too and have some distance when you swimming everything your way.

  • @Tommyboy

    All these people killed by so called Red Army "Liberators" were fascist too?

    All of them had been killed by.. fascists. This was part of Nurnberg tribunal who agreed with this.

    Later authors of this massacre who partly fled to US revived the Hitler myth, made in 1943 to try to split the allied nations. Good books exist on the subject.

  • SOVIET RESPONSIBILITY An investigation conducted by the office of the prosecutors general of the Soviet Union (1990–1991) and the Russian Federation (1991–2004) confirmed Soviet responsibility for the massacres, but refused to classify this action as a war crime or as an act of mass murder. The investigation was closed on the grounds that the perpetrators were dead, and since the Russian government would not classify the dead as victims of the Great Purge, formal posthumous rehabilitation was deemed inapplicable. In November 2010, the Russian State Duma approved a declaration blaming Stalin and other Soviet officials for ordering the massacre.

    The falsified Soviet version of the events has become known as the "Katyn lie".

  • @Tommyboy

    How about you dig into question? Instead of citing anti communist shit.

    In light of recent changes I think Poland can face few surprises, as our officials will finally return to truth.

    Our government in late 1980s though that it is nice move to accept fascist version to be able to destroy communism. As it had been real nice tool for them at the time.

  • Hehe you also know what they were thinking back in 1980 how original... You must have talk to some gypsies about it. I'm all for the thruth but it is hard to have a conversation with someone that doesnt realized how corruped their own ideology is. Nevertheless all the best to you.

  • @Tommyboy

    Worst thing is that as it'll be time for denazification for Poland you will be turning 180 in the jump. How all this "Red Army horrible" media guys will run into Earth outskirts and for many years will try to hide changing their look.

  • Will they be the ones who will denazify? Putinjugend? And you call us Nazis?

  • @Mihuel

    LOL, nice attempt to guide attention to other thing.

    You mean that capitalists are same and try same methods? So you finally start to understand?

    I removed image due to our shitty laws considering fascist symbols, sorry.