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Aputure Accent B7c strange LED lamp
  • Specs

    • 7w only with reflector that further lowers real output
    • CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K
    • Covers >90% of the Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
    • 0-100% dimming range
    • build in battery - for what?
    • on-board buttons for both brightness and CCT control
    • Built-in Sidus Mesh technology
    • Astonishing $70 price

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  • I use the B7C to bring the light back to powerless urbex locations.

    Four B7C's as practical lights.
    A couple of Aputure MC's further down the tunnel and in the room behind the door to the left.
    On camera light is an Aputure MW.

    Shot on GH4.


  • Here's the video that we did with the B7Cs: