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COVID: This nightmare will be endless
  • World Health Organization (WHO) expert Maria van Kerkhove said:

    “The more this virus circulates, the more opportunities it has to change... Omicron will not be the last option we will discuss, and there is a very real possibility that there will be variants of concern in the future.”

    And they always come as population forms immunity against current strain, and always 100% on proper time.

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  • COVID... The gift that keeps on taking.

  • I’ve seen this small documentary by this Peruvian guy who tracks coronavirus vaccine with Bluetooth Mac addresses all over!

    I’ve also seen tiktok videos showing Mac addresses also by other users on their vacinated arms.

    Off course they will set this until 2030 where most vaccinated are allready dead from secondary effects of long term RNA treatment.

  • Politics is the real virus that's all about population control. Pls. study and learn history this is no diffrent that any systems we have seen so far.THE TRICK IS THAT YOU WILL GET SREWED BY YOUR OWN PEEPS.

  • @Tommyboy

    Due to resources thing it will be also about controlled population reduction.

  • As long as our politicians are on the take from big pharma and doctors such as fauci are given a soap box instead of a jail cell, this will continue.

  • Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead for COVID-19 at the World Health Organization, said that the next strain of the virus to attract worldwide attention will be more contagious than omicron, but the main unknown is whether it will be more deadly.

    First teaser :-)

  • Here's Maria Van Kerkhove's email if you would like to ask her some questions directly... or call her at +44 (0)20 7594 3248. Seems like she should know what's going on based on her bio here (where her contact information can be publicly found):

  • more contagious is usualy less severe (by biology)