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Self Managed Email Server
  • Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking for a self hosted email server recommendation. I know you can have one running on Synology NAS system but I'm really interested what else is out there and I'm essentially want to hear from people that can share their experience in this area. I've been using Qnap Nas system and I think they no longer support email server on their NAS systems. I like system that you can manage yourself and one that is not dependent on any of the cloud providers. If there is a topic on this subject already please point me to it. Any thoughts?

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  • I strongly recommend against home based email and web servers, as your internet provider is much worse than any hosting provider. But it is all possible and not hard, just requires dealing with dynamic IP address (or allocating static one) and making port forwarding on router.

    If you do not like cloud provider just buy shared or VPS hosting.

  • Yeah, I agree I've done this almost 20 years ago and remember some of the pains with routing and using dynamic ports since the internet provider would keep you away from using home email servers. I was thinking that this has changed since and you can use some of the forwarding and ddns services that diffrent clouds provide but I guess the one good option is to use public cloud or VPS and get your emails synced to a local NAS server for archiving and switch every few years to stay current and less dependent on one email service.

  • if you provide your own server, you'll run into availability problems if your isp goes down. The one major problem you're going to run into is, if you don't register as an actual domain with all these public certificates and stuff, all the other email servers will dump your emails into their spam folders.

  • @Tommyboy

    Big part is also that your IP pool is. As SMPT servers check for IPs and yours will be from strange consumer range that is typical for spammers and viruses.

    Also SPF and similar are requirement (that are present in DNS records and set up on server).

    Note that it is lot of special email providers.

  • Thanks guys for your input.

  • @Tommyboy

    Check this article, it can help (use Google Translate)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thank you very good article.