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Panasonic GH5 II, new prosumer m43 camera
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  • It's here! The Firmware update for the GH5II!

    • Expanded compatibility with DJI Gimbal:
    • Active Track Function of DJI Gimbal "DJI RS 2" and "DJI RSC 2" can be used.
      All functions may not be available depending on the situation. For details, please check the DJI official announcement.
    • Streaming capability:
      RTP/RTSP streaming of video and audio (AAC) via wired LAN is possible.
      RTMP/RTMPS streaming via USB tethering function of smartphone is possible.

    • Added functions:

    • [Live View Composite] function has been added.
    • 720° and 1080° have been added as the options of [Focus Ring Control].
    • Connecting the camera with LUMIX Tether via wired LAN is possible.
    • Multiple cameras can be controlled from LUMIX Tether.
    • The firmware of LUMIX Tether software is also required to be updated to Ver.2.0 or higher.
    • Zoom operation of the LUMIX G power zoom lenses can be controlled from LUMIX Tether.
    • The firmware of LUMIX Tether software is also required to be updated to Ver.2.0 or higher. Performance improvement
    • There were cases where the camera froze when transferring images to a PC via Wi-Fi (5GHz).This phenomenon has been fixed.



    526 x 526 - 25K
  • Decided to take a video of the moon using the Kodak 400mm f/6.7 Micro Four Thirds lens. As if we don’t have a lot of videos of the moon already. Will be in Arizona this weekend and so it’ll be able to take a few more sample. Have some good ideas on where to use it.

  • Two thoughts on the GH5 II
    One, Panasonic is really an epic fail for not releasing GH6. Way overdue. And, actually, epic fail for not releasing an updated FF camera.
    Two, I would never buy this camera until I saw an actually controlled side-by-side of the image quality compared to the GH5. After all, look at the G95 compared to the G85.

  • @DrDave

    Look at how the Nikon Z9 is not shipping in 2021 at all.

    Still: DPReview product of the year 2021

  • I rented the GH5 Mark II from a place in Massachusetts and so I don't have it anymore. Still, I did quick comparison to my GH5 right before I returned the camera. Need to upload all the footage I shot at an event in Phoenix first. I'd rather get the GH6.

    I did a whole lot of videos at the Phoenix Wushu Nationals on both days. The lion dance competition was toward the end of day 2 and so I was exhausted. Can also be slightly difficult taking videos with people around you who are also trying to see and take videos. Plus you also need to make sure you're not in the judges way.

    Here's a couple of the 9 lion dance teams a took videos of. You can see the rest in the playlist. 10 bit 60fps. ISO of 620. Aperture went from 4 to 4.5. Shutter at 60. Leica 12-60mm lens. Handheld.

    This next clip shows how the autofocusing held up with a camera sometimes being in my way.

    Edit. Not sure why the thumbnails look bad here.

  • Only in a third world market as Italy there are no discounts

  • In Italy price has settled down around 1.490 euros since last autumn. Time to time you can find an ex-demo/little used camera for less than 1.200. I didn't see better prices in other EU countries.