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iPhone 13 2021 Lineup
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  • If you shoot in 4K 30p, you have the ability to switch between all rear cameras while recording. I read that it started with the 11 Pro. You'd think that with the 13 Pro Max being 2 generations ahead that it should do that with 4K 60p but unfortunately it doesn't (Bad enough that the phone can't shoot in 4K 120p yet when the GoPro Hero10 can). Another issue is that you hear the audio changing.

    Here's a couple of sample videos I did showing off that feature.

  • ProRes 422 HQ HDR recording on the Apple camera app have been available since the 15.1 update.

    Was shooting a complication video with select clips and was going to include a few morning clips at the beach. I decided to put many of my beach clips in it’s own video for the heck of it. Was able to edit this on my iPhone using the LumaFusion app. Exported it to ProRes before uploading to YouTube. Wish I’d have downloaded this app earlier. The newest update of Premiere Pro has a brightness issue when exporting to ProRess 422 HQ if you don’t adjust a setting beforehand. With LumaFusion, the HDR output is fine without adjusting anything.

    Luckily it shows up as HDR on YouTube right away unlike some of my other videos. I decided to contact YouTube partner support telling them that some of my previous videos never turned to HDR while others have. They looked into it and reprocessed the videos. They are all fixed now which is good.

  • 4K 60fps Dolby Vision HDR of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade yesterday. It’s still processing and so it’ll hopefully be in HDR by tomorrow.

  • Stinks that my parade video never turned to HDR yet. Seams to be a bug affecting some 4K 60p files. Some will turn to HDR and some won’t. All of my 4K 30p HDR files will process to HDR like this video at the bottom for example.

    4K ProRes HDR - Tree lighting Ceremony in Boston Massachusetts yesterday.

  • @PauloTeixeira

    I really like to see all your videos with binaural sound, recorded using binaural microphones. It adds very much to such kind of videos.