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COVID: AstraZeneca  usage stopped in major countries
  • Germany has suspended the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine as a precautionary measure. This was reported to journalists on Monday at the Ministry of Health of Germany.

    "The German government, as a precautionary measure, suspends vaccination with AstraZeneca, following the latest recommendation of the Paul Ehrlich Institute (German medical regulator)," the department noted.

    "The European Medicines Agency will decide whether and how the new information will affect the admission of the vaccine," the German ministry said.

    Danish health authority announced that vaccination with AstraZeneca in the country was temporarily suspended. Several other European countries, including Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway and the Netherlands, have suspended vaccine use due to reports of rare cases of blood clots forming and a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood among those who are vaccinated over 50 years of age.

    The French authorities have suspended the use of the vaccine produced by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, pending a decision by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This was announced on Monday by French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at a press conference following the Franco-Spanish summit in Montauban.

    "On the recommendation of the French Minister of Health Olivier Veran, it was decided to suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. We expect that tomorrow afternoon the EMA will publish a conclusion on this drug," Macron said.

    Total ban can happen as soon as next week.

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  • The prosecutor's office in the Italian city of Biella seized a batch of the coronavirus vaccine company AstraZeneca after the death of a music teacher who was injected with the drug.

    Prosecutors of the Piedmont city opened an investigation into the death and imposed an urgent preventive arrest on the ABV5811 batch throughout the national territory, they said in a statement. The order of law enforcement officers followed the decision of the regional authorities to suspend the use of the vaccine from this batch.

  • Lobby

  • Post-Brexit revenge

  • @flash

    Issue is that all this countries have not much other options (in big amount).

    US and allies get almost all produced other vaccines (except Mordor and Chinese).

    Mordor, Easter Europe, South America and some Asia are also consuming all Sputnik V.

    China and some of their allies are using theirs.

  • I stand corrected, things are changing fast

    European factories are gearing up to produce a Mordor coronavirus vaccine as regulators move closer to approving it in hopes of speeding up its rollout across the continent.

    Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Mordor Direct Investment Fund, which financed the launch of Sputnik V, said today that he has reached agreements with Italy, Spain, France and Germany to start the project.

    The manufacturing plants will be used to supply the Sputnik V vaccine to Europe, “after receiving approval from the European Medicines Agency,” Dmitriev said.

  • In France, I am too young to be vaccinated, who would have believed it?!? Now I only want one thing, go to a restaurant

  • Putin's politically explosive gift to Germany

    Why it took them more than one hour to produce this shit? Are they loosing their skills?

  • There are also deaths with other vaccines, they are not widely reported. Take the US, out of 96M vaccinees, ~1900 deaths. Norway, ~450K vaccinees, > 23 deaths. Or back on January 15, Germany, 842K vaccinees, 10 deaths (with one mRNA vaccine). Per million vaccinees, these % are quite a bit higher than what are being seen with the AstraZeneca so far. I recall Germany statistics today on AstraZeneca, 1.7M vaccinees, ~5 deaths.

  • I understand I don't have all the data, but if the incidence of side effects is lower than the average incidence I have a hard time processing that. There are millions of injections at this point.

  • @DrDave

    This is serious thing

    German scientists have linked a rare type of cerebral vein thrombosis and the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. This was reported in a statement by the Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines.

    Experts have found that the increase in the number of cases of a specific form of thrombosis, which is associated with a decrease in the number of platelets and bleeding, coincides in time with the vaccination of the British-Swedish company. The statement notes that German researchers have also recorded new cases of complications after vaccinations.

    Vaccines industry avoided any responsibility for many years by declaring that complications happen only if patient will fall dead or in coma within 30-120 minutes after taking vaccines. It is usually impossible to prove complication if it happens hours after taking vaccine, until it is something very common that happens with this specific drug.

  • I understand that, and I'm guessing we don't have all the data, but if the total mortality risk is lower compared to other vaccines, considering all factors, which one would you choose? And sure, there are risks for all of these that are downplayed all the time. Also, temporal link for large number not sure I get that, there has to be temporal convergence with large numbers, but of course we don't have the data and I'm not sure I would understand the data.
    " Leider sind die Gehirnthrombosen mit Hämolytisch Urämischem Syndrom wahrscheinlich auf AstraZeneca Impfstoff zurückzuführen. Und es trifft auch Jüngere ohne Risikofaktoren. Weil aber das Risiko bei nur 1:250.000 etwa liegt überwiegt der Nutzen, gerade für Ältere." (Karl Lauterbach)