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Tracking: Calls and calls
  • In most countries you need legal documents to record your phone calls, even with all latest fake anti terrorist laws you need such (they just allow it to be infinite). Also none of phone companies have their own equipment to record or recognize talks, all such things are installed by NSA and similar guys (at the company space).

    But if you use WhatsApp or anything like this - nothing is required. Almost all calls are being specially compressed and almost all go through latest voice recognition to have transcript, same transcript also includes as metadata your location, wi-fi points nearby and much more related info. For people who are of interest of authorities of big business each recording will be rerun against improved voice recognition (usually each 1-1.5 years). Only few people have access to all this, including all corresponding government guys. All calls are stored indefinitely for now, but companies have at their disposal special AI algorithms to dump old not useful ones.

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  • Today I removed WhatsApp. I gave a few days notice to relevant contacts I'm switching to Telegram only. If they care enough about reaching me, they will install it. If not, then I haven't lost much I suppose.

  • Smart investors and Signal

    The company of the same name, Signal Advance, whose shares were mistakenly acquired by investors, was founded in 1992 in Texas, it provides medical services. On January 7, its shares rose by 527%, a day later by another 91% (in money - from 60 cents to $ 7.19 per share). As a result, the market capitalization of Signal Advance increased from $55 million to $660 million.

  • @zcream

    Snowden uses it too

    I know, but we have no idea who Snowden is, we only can observe how he plays his role.

  • Snowden uses it too

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    This alone must make you worried about Signal.

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  • @zcream

    It is just one small problem. Signal is similar to TOR in that both made by CIA related guys.

    Another problem is tiny audience.

  • Thanks. Based on this and the news of WhatsApp ads, I installed signal.

  • I thought Vitaliy was complaining because some Indian programmers were also involved with Telegram. Glad to know thats settled.

  • Telegram Secret Chats have end-2-end encryption. Whether (and how) that applies to voice calls I do not know. Signal has end-2-end encryption for voice calls. How that theory translates into practice is again, unknown to me. One would have to understand the code and build the apps from source to be personally confident it is exactly so. I can share a tidbit of trivia I know from a secret service person in my country. They use Telegram amongst themselves, because they can't intercept it. They don't use WhatsApp because they intercept it :), or have sharing agreements with Facebook.

  • @zcream

    They claim that they are better :-)

    For me it is just much better designed (and not written on JS) and where desktop client is made by people who are actually use desktops instead of porting mobile apps or offering web shite.

  • Is telegram any better ?