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Capitalism: Mordor and face recognition
  • A digital rights activist in Moscow was able to purchase access to the city’s extensive facial recognition system for just 16,000 rubles (approximately $200), as reported by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. After seeing ads for the service on Telegram, Anna Kuznetsova transferred the money along with a picture of herself to a seller. Two days later, she received an extensive report of her movements over the previous month, apparently pulled directly from the police system.

    Spanning more than 100,000 cameras across the city, Moscow’s facial recognition system is meant to be restricted to law enforcement. It’s unclear how the seller was able to secure access, whether through bribery or a digital intrusion.

    It is clearly no surprise.

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  • Congratulations!!! Mordor following China steps

  • Yeah and they said dont worry the system is secured...

  • The Moscow government's Department for Competition Policy has allocated 252.6 million rubles to expand the data storage system of an intelligent video surveillance system in the metro. The corresponding tender was posted on the public portal a few days ago.

    The development of an intelligent video surveillance system for the Moscow metro began in 2015, and it was put into operation in 2018. The system is formed from thousands of cameras installed at stations and used to automatically capture free riders and recognize the faces of people on the wanted list.

    In general, the city video surveillance system is only one of 170 systems at the disposal of the capital's mayor's office. Overall they include about 200 thousand cameras.

    Actual main goal is to track your movements and activity in almost realtime (if you differ from ordinary citizen even slightly). Paired with COVID policies will allows to silently shut down any dangerous ideas and people at very early stages.