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iPhone 12 - new records in irreparability and top margins on the whole market
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  • I’ll most likely get the Pro Max but I’m not happy about the lack of a memory card slot and theirs not much of a zoom upgrade.

    Theirs a couple of big question marks. Will the Pro Max get the X55 modem or will it get the X60 modem? The next Galaxy phones will for sure get the X60. Missed opportunity for the iPhone to not be the first to get that modem. Shooting 10 bit HDR videos is nice but will the frame rate be constant or variable?.

    The new Sony phones can shoot 4K 120hz slow motion videos. Was hoping the iPhone would be able to do the same. Doesn’t seam like it.

    Apple should make a slightly thicker version with a bigger battery, 120hz display, bigger antenna and SD card slot.

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  • Apple slowed down A14 Bionic main LSI to keep it within thermal limits

    Average frequency reduction is 10-15% compared to same LSI in iPad.

    LSI even int his state can't keep performance for long and will throttle quite fast.

  • On battery capacity

    Теперь благодаря базе данный бразильского регулятора ANATEL стали известны точные ёмкости:

    • old iPhone 11 - 3110mAh
    • iPhone 12 mini — 2227mAh
    • iPhone 12 — 2800mAh
    • iPhone 12 Pro - 2800mAh
    • iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max - 3687mAh

    Apple also changed some of suppliers due to move from premium grade batteries to A- and B grade ones (now batteries in premium iPhone are same as used in $150-250 Android phones). Such way iPhone 11 battery had been around 30% more expensive to Apple compared to iPhone 12 battery, another way to rip the customer and guide huge profits to foreign offshores.

  • Different with Pro is minimal



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  • Native untouched file from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Phone on top of a 9 foot selfie stick. 10 bit Dolby Vision HDR. Standard wide lens. 4K 60p. Not as stabile as the footage I did with the GoPro Hero 9 on the same pole using horizon leveling. Will be getting longer and stronger mast poles that I bought and will be putting a gimbal on it. Will be using the ultra wide lens with that. Footage should look a bit better with that set up.


    Crap!!! Video just turned green and completely haywire after I used the YouTube feature to get rid of 15 seconds of the beginning. May be a while until the video goes back. Read afterwards that it wont work right for HDR videos. Wish I had known that earlier.

  • While at work, I noticed that my phone was getting hot in my pocket. Read online that a lot of people are also complaining. I decided to disable 5g and keep it in LTE. Feels like the phone got a little cooler.

    For anyone who gets an iPhone 12, I’d advice to disable 5g when your not using the phone just in case 5g is one of the reasons for the overheating It’ll also save your battery.

  • @PauloTeixeira

    Usually such thingy happens if smartphone is silently installing and optimizing something :-) Not related to 5g, as to get warm it needs to send and receive something at big amounts.

  • What ever it is, I’ve never felt a phone that hot in my pocket before and theirs been a ton of people commenting about it. It probably would have been better if the phones didn't get thinner verses the last generation.

  • The new TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6 that came out in November 4 is fully compatible with the HDR files. Your able to trim or merge clips without loosing quality.

    Hard to find a phone gimbal that works well with the iPhone 12 Pro MAX + case. The phone is either too heavy, too big, not able to balance properly or you don't have full motion.

  • Quite strange estimates




    In 2010-2011 you could make such (even if not accurate) or can make this for low volume generic models, but you can't do this for modern iPhones. As most parts are never sold on open market and even ones that are sold have special terms and are being delivered based on special agreements.

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  • iPhone 12 Pro Max is inside a case and attached to the Hohem iSteady X gimbal. The set up is on a 15 foot telescopic carbon fiber mast pole. On a long pole like that, it's tougher on any gimbal since the pole will shake a little with the wind. Still seams like it held up not to bad. I also have 25ft and 30ft versions but the collapsed size including the bolt at the end is close to 5’1” and 5’10.5” respectively in length and so it's a bit harder to transport than a pole that goes up to 15ft. Will try to use one of them in a future video. For sure it'll be tougher to hold especially if theirs wind. I almost bought the DJI OM4 but read that the claw barely holds the phone and would be even worse if you had a case on. I'd rather keep the case on my phone because you never know.

    The camera wont go as high as a drone but you do gain a couple of benefits. Get to have higher shots in places where drones may not be allowed and you get the natural environment sound.

    Used Smart Renderer 6 to trim out the beginning while I was raising the pole and to take out the sound in one part since I didn't want a content ID claim on the video. Sometimes your video will get blocked in certain countries when you get those. Unfortunately if you shoot multiple clips with this phone, the frame rate wont always be the same. Apple gives the new phones 10 bit Dolby Vision HDR shooting capabilities but still messes up the frame rate. Basically if you have a bunch of clips, a few of them wont get smart rendered if the frame rate is different. It's bad enough that Apple doesn't want to give any of their phones a memory card slot.

    4K60 10 bit Dolby Vision HDR. Ultra wide angle lens.

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with a Patika Air case on + Hohem iSteady X gimbal. It was very cold and I had to be careful I don’t slip. Low light abilities isn’t bad but as you can see, you’ll get a lot of lens flare when shooting videos like this. Same issue with other smartphones. It’ll be in 4K 60fps Dolby Vision HDR later if it’s not already. I used the standard lens.