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Panasonic EVA1, like in WALL-E, S35 Camera
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  • AU-EVA1 Promotion – Two FREE 64GB SD Cards


    761 x 567 - 110K
  • Our new interview

  • Ironic to see Panasonic competing with a Canon-mount camcorder against Blackmagic's MFT-mount Pocket Cinema mirrorless camera.

  • Need to hassle them in every single interview as to when they'll give us an EVA1 MFT! ;-)

  • Panasonic just turned the $350 EVA1 Instant Rebate back on through the end of December.

  • Free firmware upgrade, EVA 3.0

    1. Additional Recording Format
      • 4K/UHD 59p/50p 420_10bit@200Mbps
      • 4K/UHD 29p/25p/23p/24p 420_10bit@150Mbps
    2. IP Live Control
    3. Capturing function (still image [jpg] from video) is added.
    4. While recording or playback on HLG mode, Camera can convert HLG to SDR and then output it.
      This works on LCD/SDI/HDMI respectively.
    5. OSD displays Focusing point. (m/ft switchable) “SDI / HDMI” and “LCD” can be set individually.
    6. Increasing ease of use on system setting Some functions assignable on USER SW
    7. Canon lens “CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S” and EXTENDER can be used in combination.


    1. SD card setting operability is improved to detect the card correctly.
      • LED lighted as soon as inserting SD card
      • Message modified to encourage reseating SD card
    2. Though in rare cases, some TV monitors couldn’t display the camera HDMI output. It is improved.
    3. Audio menu configuration (CH1/CH2/STEREO/MIX) couldn’t be set to a built-in speaker output. This problem is fixed.
    4. The TIME ZONE information on CLIP was displayed with the plus time difference even if it is the minus time difference at TIME ZONE. This problem is fixed.

  • I keep meaning to make some videos about the Eva1 and why as a die-hard DSLR guy I decided to get one and how its handled shooting around the world for the last 10 months. Meanwhile, the first episode of our vacation rental themed travel show is live if anyone would like to take a look:

    It is Eva1 Acam, GH5 Bcam, mix of Lumix, Old Nikon Primes and a Rokinon 14 on the glass side. Cut in FCPX, 2 person crew one host. Season will be Bali - Montevideo - Park City - St. John - Lisbon - Rio de Janeiro - Lindsborg, Kansas - Budapest - Bowen Island (Canada ) - New Orleans. 1 a week for next 9 weeks.

    I've been having so much trouble making a video I like about the Eva1 and 'real cameras' and mirrorless and what not that the way I've gotten the talking points down is to make it specifically addressed to the PV community. I'm writing this from a car in the desert in Peru on a different job, but hoping things will settle down next week home in Panama and I can take a crack at it.

  • Looking good! How you finding the EVA? Had ours for about a year now and loving this cam! BIG step up from the AF101 we used previously

  • Thank you @tubefingers ! I am loving it too, in my case up from the GH5 and A7s (still using the GH5 alongside the Eva1). I've been pro-DSLR for a long time and only begrudgingly went looking in this 'sub-10k cinema camera range' initially...I'm glad I did, I love the imagine and the ergonomics with the way I have it setup. I still love the GH5, too, but I would argue for a lot of productions the value of 'stepping up' and I would put Eva1 ahead of the Fs7, C200 and Ursa Mini for sure.

    Episode 2:

  • Good stuff! In terms of ergonomics we use a Zacuto rig and stabilised lenses for shoulder mount shooting, really helps and is well designed (still overpriced in my opinion!) Looking to upgrade our B Cam but for the time being the GH4 with Vlog cuts very well with the EVA Log footage, I imagine the GH5 image fits even better?

  • Our NAB 2019 interview

  • One of the best reels I have ever seen so far from the EVA1