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Capitalism: Greta Thunberg as ambassador of elites
  • “The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you,” - Greta Thunberg told the UN delegates.

    Researchers have said that to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the world needs to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

    Let me translate - elites tell you that they expect oil and gas usage to be cut in half. Of course, no plans to cut it for elites and much less for few top countries.

    “There will not be any solutions or plans presented in line with these figures today,” Thunberg said. “Because these numbers are too uncomfortable. And you are still not mature enough to tell it like it is.”

    Wow, wow. Real herald of the apocalypse.

    The expected commitments were an update on pledges that countries made during the landmark Paris climate accord in 2015. That’s when 195 nations agreed to work together to stop the world from warming beyond the crucial tipping point that scientists identified as 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

    Somehow it coincided with lot of energy peaks.

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  • The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent series has been written in two volumes.

    Introduction by Hiroyuki Hamada:

    "What's infuriating about manipulations by the Non Profit Industrial Complex is that they harvest goodwill of the people, especially young people. They target those who were not given the skills and knowledge to truly think for themselves by institutions which are designed to serve the ruling class. Capitalism operates systematically and structurally like a cage to raise domesticated animals. Those organizations and their projects which operate under false slogans of humanity in order to prop up the hierarchy of money and violence are fast becoming some of the most crucial elements of the invisible cage of corporatism, colonialism and militarism."

    The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg Vol 1 By Cory Morningstar

    In the final act, ACT VI [Crescendo], I wrap up the series by divulging that the very foundations which have financed the climate “movement” over the past decade are the same foundations now partnered with the Climate Finance Partnership looking to unlock 100 trillion dollars from pension funds. I reveal the identities of individuals and groups at the helm of this interlocking matrix, controlling both the medium and the message. I take a step back in time to briefly demonstrate the ten years of strategic social engineering that have brought us to this very precipice. I look at the relationship between WWF, Stockholm Institute and World Resources Institute as key instruments in the creation of the financialization of nature. I also take a look at what the first public campaigns for the financialization of nature (“natural capital”) that are slowly being brought into the public realm by WWF. I reflect upon how mainstream NGOs are attempting to safeguard their influence and further manipulate the populace by going underground through Extinction Rebellion groups being organized in the US and across the world.

    Volume I:

    ACT I: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

    ACT II: The Inconvenient Truth Behind Youth Co-optation

    ACT III: The Most Inconvenient Truth: “Capitalism is in Danger of Falling Apart

    ACT IV: The House is On Fire! & the 100 Trillion Dollar Rescue

    ACT V: The New Green Deal is the Trojan Horse for the Financialization of Nature

    ACT VI: A Decade of Social Manipulation for the Corporate Capture of Nature [Crescendo]

    Addenda I: The Branding of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – By Any Means Necessary









    "During the years 2003-2009, new joint collaborations were forged to create a global platform where three entities – corporations, state and civil society – would all fuse together as one. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the non-profit industrial complex and the foundation funding made possible via oligarchs, corporations and capitalism itself, would facilitate the transition. [1] Pivotal to this evolution would be the corporate and foundation funded “progressive media”. The social engineering project to “change everything” is today perhaps the most successful behavioural sciences experiment in modern history.

    Today, the project for corporations, Annex 1 states and citizenry “to come together as one”, has been largely realized. The distinct boundaries between working class, ruling class, and the corporation rebranded with a caring human face, continue to be strategically and deliberately blurred. Orchestrated movements, comprising the Euro-Anglo (shrinking) middle class are embraced, regardless of vaguely understood elite/corporate origins. Manufactured demigods and deities (framed as “leaders” and “activists”) are predominantly white from elite backgrounds and/or privilege. As this relationship becomes more and more normalized, via a decade of societal conditioning, those tasked with implementing the “together” (i.e. we are all equal) ideology become more excelled in their ability to create discourse. That is, to shift all discussion away from class analysis – and even eliminate the issue of class altogether. The grotesque irony of corporate behemoths that purposely impoverish the world’s most vulnerable while plundering the planet for profits, feigning concern over inequality, goes largely undetected."


    "In the same way, Greta Thunberg and the climate strikes amplify the “positive pressure” strategy. That is the rationale behind the generous media exposure afforded to the strikes. Rather than the “solutions” appearing top down, they are perceived as being driven by society. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Encouraging the citizenry to bask under the illusion that the ruling elite must answer to the populace, this quickly transforms into a heightened and euphoric feeling of new-found “people power” amongst the populace. It is in this defining moment, that the “solutions” waiting in the wings, can finally emerge...

    If power dominated through hierarchy and coercion – the emergent “new power” model dominates with influence and persuasion. And while this has been achieved for some decades now by the NGOs comprising the non-profit industrial complex, a growing number of corporations, institutions and states, are now applying it to their business models. The main differences are that first, the organizers remain invisible and second, the populace is manipulated into believing that they control said movements....

    Climate change is a direct product of capitalism and will not be mitigated by more capitalism. Ecological devastation, resource depletion, and collapsing ecosystems are all a direct result of capitalism. This destruction of our natural world will not and cannot be halted by more capitalism – regardless of what colour or adjective is placed in front of it."

  • @jleo - links to multiple articles that come from the same blog (the conclusion's of one person?) is not compelling.

  • @bradneffphoto

    So, 99% articles about Greta Thunberg that looks like they being made by one man (so similar they are!), in major mass media and that looks like they are being made for imbeciles are better?

  • I don't mind her. I think she's wrong in the sense of thinking that humans have much of an ability to mitigate our fossil fuel use, but at least she's brave enough to stand up and make her case. There's a lot of anti-AGW cynicism now.. I'm thinking it's probably real, but nobody knows how things will turn out at this point, since climate has many factors that affect it. Anyhow, she's been marketed to the moon, so that's rather strange.

  • @robertGL

    Capitalist elites afraid to get real blame for stopping science and space developments. They are afraid for possible fossil fuel shortages, so they advertised such girls to make their fault into their false win.

  • Yes, but the writings of Chairman Mao, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Ayn Rand, aren't they the conclusions of one person?

    One media, one voice:

    Cory Morningstar is an independent investigative journalist, writer and environmental activist, focusing on global ecological collapse and political analysis of the non-profit industrial complex. She resides in Canada. Her recent writings can be found on Wrong Kind of Green, The Art of Annihilation, and Counterpunch. Her writing has also been published by Bolivia Rising and Cambio, the official newspaper of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

    Cory Morningstar is a tenacious radical. Her pursuit of evidence knows no boundaries. She is intellectually disciplined, unapologetically unconventional, and fiercely determined to expose the root of every important issue. If you want to know the truth, you want to follow Morningstar's work. -- Guy McPherson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

  • Well I think you're both right. I don't know who has backed her or whatever, but she does intimate that the existing concept of economic growth is a doomed system. Perhaps she is earnest in her convictions, so I dn't see the harm from her.. for now. Anyhow I like the term 'big green' - greenwashing is the ultimate chapter for billionaire orwellianism providing for bourgeoisie consumption.

  • Meet Greta owners


    In a massive boost for climate action and sustainability, leading banks and the United Nations today launched the Principles for Responsible Banking, with 130 banks collectively holding USD 47 trillion in assets, or one third of the global banking sector, signed up.

    In the Principles, launched one day ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, banks commit to strategically align their business with the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals, and massively scale up their contribution to the achievement of both.

    By signing up to the Principles, banks said they believe that “only in an inclusive society founded on human dignity, equality and the sustainable use of natural resources” can their clients, customers and businesses thrive.

    With global leaders coming together to share the actions they are taking to attain the Sustainable Development Goals and address climate change this week in New York, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said at the launch event, attended by the 130 Founding Signatories and over 45 of their CEOs, that “the UN Principles for Responsible Banking are a guide for the global banking industry to respond to, drive and benefit from a sustainable development economy. The Principles create the accountability that can realize responsibility, and the ambition that can drive action.”

    The Principles are supported by a strong implementation framework that defines clear accountabilities and requires each bank to set, publish and work towards ambitious targets. By creating a common framework that guides banks in growing their business and reducing risks through supporting the economic and social transformation required for a sustainable future, the Principles pave the way for the transformation to a sustainable banking industry.

    “A banking industry that plans for the risks associated with climate change and other environmental challenges can not only drive the transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient economies, it can benefit from it,” said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). “When the financial system shifts its capital away from resource-hungry, brown investments to those that back nature as solution, everybody wins in the long-term.”

    While action on climate change is growing, it is still far short of what is needed to meet the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement. Meanwhile, biodiversity continues to decline at alarming rates and pollution claims millions of lives each year.

    More ambition, backed by a step change in investment from the private sector, is needed to tackle these challenges and ensure that humanity lives in a way that ensures an equitable share of resources within planetary boundaries.

    The banking and private sectors can benefit from the investment they put into backing this transition. It is estimated that addressing the SDGs could unlock USD 12 trillion in business savings and revenue annually and create 380 million more jobs by 2030.

    “To transit to low-carbon and climate-resilient economies that support the goals of the Paris Agreement requires an additional investment of at least USD 60 trillion from now until 2050,” said Christiana Figueres, Convener, Mission 2020, who is credited as the architect of the Paris Agreement in her role formerly as Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. “As the banking sector provides over 90 per cent of the financing in developing countries and over two thirds worldwide, the Principles are a crucial step towards meeting the world’s sustainable development financing requirements.”

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  • well, inflation and ''growth" need each other to turn the wheel in the current setup. Unless they denounce compound interest this is/will be greenwashing.

  • Nearly 30 years ago, before the rise of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, another young girl took the podium at the United Nations to admonish world leaders for their inaction on environmental issues.

    It was 1992 and Severn Cullis-Suzuki, daughter of Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki, was addressing the plenary session of the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

    "I am afraid to go out in the sun now because of the hole in our ozone".

    Yes, another ambassador. Lives nice and happily in expensive house, travels a lot (yes on planes), breathes air and lives completely on your money via different government and banks grants.

  • @Meierhans

    She is a child. If she is - give her some dolls and let her play :-) And, btw remember to fire all the PR agents and break with big friends.

    Something tells me that next attempt will be blind young boy without two legs from some native rare nation family and who is totally gay. Just for the total safety of defense.

  • Self-Harm Versus the Greater Good: Greta Thunberg and Child Activism written by Paulina Neuding

    The book Scenes from the Heart (“Scener från Hjärtat,” 2018) recounts these medical difficulties and the events that led to Greta Thunberg’s now-famous “school strike for climate,” in which hundreds of thousands of children have refused to attend school to protest about government inaction over climate change. Greta herself strikes every Friday and spent three weeks sitting outside the Swedish Parliament at the beginning of the school year. Written by her family—mother, father, Beata and Greta—the story is told in the voice of Greta’s mother, the opera soprano Malena Ernman, who was a celebrity in Europe long before her daughter’s fame. Although the book is only available in Swedish for the time being, it is already being translated into numerous languages—a development that reflects the global fascination with Thunberg’s campaign.

    We are offered a story of “a family in crisis and a planet in crisis”—two phenomena that are presented as inextricably linked. The book posits that oppression of women, minorities, and people with disabilities stem from the same overarching root problem as climate change: an unsustainable way of life. The family’s private crisis and the global climate crisis, the authors argue, are simply symptoms of the same systemic disorder.

    Greta is not alone in her mental suffering, according to the book. Her sister Beata, who was 12 when the book was written, lives with ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, and OCD. She is prone to sudden outbursts of anger, during which she screams obscenities at her mother. What would normally be a 10-minute walk to dance class takes almost an hour because Beata insists on walking with her left foot in front, refuses to step on certain parts of the sidewalk, and demands that her mother walk the same way. She also insists that her mother wait outside during class—she isn’t allowed to move, even to go to the bathroom. The child still ends up weeping in her mother’s arms.

    Like many parents of children with similar diagnoses, Greta and Beata’s parents fight hard for their daughters to receive the right care and assistance in school. When Greta refuses to eat they do everything they can to save her from starving herself. Her father begs their doctor to save Beata from whatever it is that plagues her. To read the story is heart-wrenching, many times over.

    And yet as someone who does not share the family’s political views—that the girls’ problems are inextricable from the climate crisis, and that the cure is to “change the system”—I wonder whether the world needs to know the intimate details about the lives of these two anguished young girls.

  • So, let's use class based analysis on this Greta thingy

    1. Greta represents ruling class, capitalists and global corporations.
    2. So, all what Greta said is just their thoughts and their words that they placed into attractive package to make your filters work much worse.
    3. As we are moving towards next big war, ruling class is divided among different countries.
    4. Top countries moved most of dirty industries into poorer countries, they also artificially keep resourced prices low, as well as prices on all intermediate products also being kept low, like metals.
    5. Top countries keep extremely monopolized chips manufacturing, advanced machine tools, bank and finance services, information processing and software industry. All of this parts are not being mentioned and are considered not responsible for any issues (despite that top countries are also top dump producers).
    6. Leading banks sign very dangerous looking agreement that can be used against any industry or any company that top countries won't like.
    7. Whole point of Greta talk is to be able to punish dependent countries and keep them underdeveloped. With any attempt to make more industry or electrical production being called unresponsive behavior and will be punished now.
    8. US don't take any part in Paris declaration and don't plan to. So US will keep to do that they are doing.
    9. Green energy industry can't exist without huge investments from public funds and governments. But with such investments ruling class is very happy, as it is instant and nice profits without any risks. Now idea is to punish developing countries with dirty factories even more and use this money to finance nice life in top counties.
    10. All this will end bad, as usual. And as citizens of first world will cry and ask "Why me?" it'll be silence as the answer.