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    • Streamlined Design -- Frameless mounting with built-in folding mounting fingers, more pocketable and 14% lighter. The frameless design also makes changing batteries and SD cards even faster; plus, the lens is now 2x more impact resistant.
    • HERO8 Black Mods -- Vloggers, pro filmmakers and aspiring creators can do more than they ever imagined with quick-loading accessories that bring flashes, microphones, LCD screens and more to HERO8 Black.
    • HyperSmooth 2.0 -- Improved overall baseline performance and dramatically improved stabilisation in pitch-axis movement. HyperSmooth 2.0 also features a new Boost mode that cranks up the stabilisation when desired. Plus, HyperSmooth 2.0 works in all resolutions and frame rates and features in-app horizon levelling.
    • TimeWarp 2.0 -- Automatically adjusts speed based on motion, scene detection and lighting. Tap to slow down to real time and again to speed back up.
    • Digital Lenses -- Toggle between Narrow, Linear, Wide and SuperView.
    • Capture Presets -- Customise up to 10 presets, or use pre-loaded video presets for Standard, Activity, Cinematic and Slo-Mo shots for quick access to settings
    • On-Screen Shortcuts -- Customise your screen with the shortcuts to the features you use most.
    • LiveBurst -- Record the moments 1.5 seconds before and after your shot, so you can choose the best single frame for the perfect 12MP photo or share an amazing 4K 4:3 video.
    • SuperPhoto with improved HDR -- Capture killer 12MP photos with improved HDR -- while in motion or stationary -- with reduced blur and serious detail even in low-light areas.
    • Pro-Quality 4K60 + 1080p240 Video -- Stunning video resolution, with studio-quality bit rate options of up to 100 Mbps and 8x slo-mo ultra-high frame rate 1080p240 video.
    • RAW in All Photo Modes -- RAW mode delivers the most flexibility and is now available for time lapse and burst photos.
    • Night Lapse Video -- Capture amazing time lapse videos at night in 4K, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p or 1080p, all processed in-camera.
    • Live Streaming in 1080p -- Get HyperSmooth stabilisation as you broadcast via the GoPro app and save footage to your SD card to check out later.
    • Voice Control -- Go hands-free with 14 voice commands in 15 languages and dialects; "GoPro, take a photo".
    • Advanced Wind-Noise Reduction -- Enjoy crisper, clearer audio quality with a new front mic location and improved algorithms that actively filter out wind noise.
    • Rugged and Waterproof -- Waterproof without a housing to 10 m.
    • GPS-Enabled -- Track speed, distance and elevation, then highlight them by adding stickers to videos in the GoPro app.
    • Transfer to Phone -- Your photos and videos transfer automatically when connected to the GoPro app for on-the-go sharing.
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    • Announcement in September, 2019
    • New design with optional housing and new accessories (mic, LED light, screen, etc)
    • GP2 chip
    • 4K video at 120fps, full HD video at 480 fps
    • Improved lens and image quality
    • 12MP sensor (not confirmed)
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  • Seems like the form factor is basically the same as before (i.e. Hero 5-7) and that the "thing" with the cold/hot shoe on top and side is some kind of additional accessory frame with a integrated mic?

    The LED light is probably to small to make a substantial output.

  • It seems like the Hero8 leaks first appeared on Reddit and was then put on

    Here are some of the deleted postings from Reddit concerning the Hero8 rumours:

    A: They plan on releasing 4 mods. Couple of them will have hot shoe mounts and one media mod has directional mic along with 3.5mm input for external mic. Pretty exciting stuff

    Q: Will the new vlogger cage be compatible with the H5-H7 models?

    A: There are a few changes which makes me believe that it won’t be reverse compatible. Firstly the side door placement has changed so bye bye old frames (not like you’d need them with new one anyway ;) ) GoPro wants to make profits so they definitely want people to upgrade if they really want the newer vlogger setup. But it is in totally new direction so Osmo will have some catching up to.

    Q: You said 4 mods, but your comment only says 3 (LED, flipscreen, external mic). What's the 4th one?

    A: Battery mod. Similar to what H4 used to have. Covers the back but attaches from the right side where type C port is.

    Q: Neat, will probably buy one for my H7.

    A: That’s the thing. Not gonna be backward compatible. The 8 is totally new design. I am just gonna leave it to your imagination and say that there won’t be any “Frame” insert mind blown gif

    A: Flipable mounting fingers. All these pictures are actually in Mods. Actual H8 doesn’t look like this. Trust me you’re gonna be upgrading to 8.

    A: There’s no cage. The mount is integrated. They have taken a page from Fusion and implemented in a very creative way on this one.

    A: All these pictures are in a cage. Hero8 has smaller footprint than 7.

    A: (on new camera body) The part beneath the lens is grill of front microphone.

  • To sum it all up for the Hero8:

    Physically smaller than Hero7, USB-C port has changed placement and the frame is gone and replaced with integrated mounting fingers in the camera body (like on the Fusion 360 camera). Fingers might be flippable. This means goodbye to support for Karma drone and Karma grip . Hero 8 body has a new mic placement on the front (under the lens).

    GoPro has embraced the vlogging crowd and a new accessory frame gives better mic and mic input, while provides for external screen, light and battery pack.

    I can't really find anything on the claimed performance improvements mentioned like 4K/120 and a new GP2 chip. These tech details seems to have orginated from Photo Rumors and then spread across the internet as gospel this last week. Quite frankly 4K/120 seems far fetched as current tech is concerned.

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  • @EspenB

    Thanks, I formatted it a little, ok?

  • In march 2018 I wrote this on the GoPro foum. To bad I did not take a patent. :-p

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  • @EspenB

    Next time file patent application right away :-)

  • In 2017 we had the iPhone 8, X, GoPro Hero 6 and the Yi 4K+ all shooting 4K 60p. It’s been a little over 2 years since we had the Yi 4K+ shooting in 4K 60p and so this Hero 8 being able to shoot in 4K 120p wouldn’t surprise me at all if it happens.

    I might consider getting it if that turned out to be true. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Speaking of PhotoRumors, they claimed to have received a cease and desist letter from GoPro to take down the photos.

  • Here are the orginal photo without the photorumours watermark added. It does seem legit.

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  • @PauloTeixeira I guess the main point here is if there exists a reasonable priced 1/2.3" sensor capable of 4K/120? Presumably from Sony as Sony Imaging has been the sensor vendor since the Hero3 (and perhaps earlier).

    Hero3, 3+, 4 and 5 all had the same sensor (and all progress was really done using different SOC from Ambarella).

    Hero 6 and 7 has a newer IMX277 sensor and the Socionext GP1 SOC.

    The IMX277 is stil the fastest read out speed sensor from Sony on the product page.

  • More leaked images of the Hero8 Black. As per previous Reddit leak the USB-C/HDMI has been removed from the left hand side of the camera, here we now find the on/off/mode button. You can clearly see the front facing mic hole under the lens. What is worse is that the front lens glass now seems integrated in the body design (as per the previous Hero7 white and silver) and thus impossible to remove or replace. Probably cheaper to make at the factory.

    As of now it seems like the Hero8 is basically a firmware upgrade with minor changes to the external body.



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  • More leaks about the Hero8 Black.

    Cost reductions: Remove separate frame, remove detachable front glass, reduce doors to only one.

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  • Specifications should not come as a big surprise: Of course no 4K/120.

    In fact everything is as before including no linear mode in 4K.

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  • My guess:

    is that also the HDMI output has been removed.

    The top mounted LCD is connected by WiFi only.

  • Would be a shame to lose the HDMI port, although a lot of other action cameras have already ditched them.

    Assuming the top-mounted LCD is being powered through the camera, it seems like it would be easier to deliver the video signal through the same connection. Plus as a wi-fi only device, the screen would likely have higher power consumption.

    It's possible that behind the left side door is some kind of proprietary connector with electrical contacts that pass through to the housing. This would enable connecting the powered accessories like the LED light and top LCD monitor (perhaps through some kind of active shoe mount).

    I suppose another possibility is that these accessories have some kind of built-in battery.

  • @davedv

    Would be a shame to lose the HDMI port, although a lot of other action cameras have already ditched them.

    Chinese just like to copy anything that can bring them more profits (even if shortime only) :-)



    I think that it's important for investors to know that while we're excited about the rest of 2019 and our new products that we've got slated for Q4, we're also really excited about 2020. See it as a growth year both top-line and in terms of EPS. And that's just in our core business as we've got it today, but we also see 2020 as an opportunity to introduce some new products and services that we think that can grow the business for the long term. And we see it in four areas. See opportunity in hardware to take more share of the $13 billion digital imaging business. We see an opportunity to grow our existing services business, while also introducing a new service in 2020 that will be relevant to Hardware, GoPro hardware owners, as well as non hardware owners, which can help us expand our TAM.

    We see the opportunity to monetize our app in ways that we just simply haven't before. That's a 2020 initiative. And also in 2020, we plan to extend our brands relevance by introducing products and new categories that we think will excite the customers. We, our brand stand for durability, versatility, and waterproof performance is very highly regarded. And we think that we can extend those brand traits to products outside of what we current --previously offered. So that's again the opportunity to take more share of the $13 billion digital imaging industry and grow our hardware business, expand our service offering, monetize our app and extend the brand in the new product categories. All of which we intend to begin doing in 2020. It's important to note that we can --we believe we can do this within an OpEx target that's in line with what we've targeted for 2019.

    So we're not making any expensive bets, but we think that over time these can result in meaningful growth opportunities for GoPro on top of the growth in both top-line and profitability of our existing core business."

    "In previous years, we tried to grow GoPro by being more relevant to more people, selling lower price products and taking GoPro more mainstream. And that proved to be the wrong direction actually. The right way to grow GoPro, we believe is to super serve our most passionate customers. And all of our customer research indicates our customers want higher performance, more capable products. And they're willing to pay more for them. And so we've been building those products for them. And ASP is a bit coming up as a result. And this is something that we're focused on and you'll see more of in our upcoming product launch."

  • And our plan is to begin to monetize the GoPro app through the monetization of various features that we introduce, monetizing both hardware owners and smartphone only users beginning in 2020. And by just having a one app strategy it makes it much easier for us to more rapidly develop the app and offer more valuable tools and solutions to users than we could have when we had the two apps separate.

  • And our plan is to begin to monetize the GoPro app through the monetization of various features that we introduce, monetizing both hardware owners and smartphone only users beginning in 2020.

    Nice, really nice. Shits.

  • previously selling lower price products

    that proved to be the wrong direction

    they're willing to pay more for them.

    I wonder if means again a price hike. Alas, the Hero6 was a hard sell at USD500 and for the Hero7 the classic 200, 300 and 400 price points was back. Or did Woodman refer to the new add on accessories like the LCD and microphone frame.

    Last year the Hero7 announcement dates was:

    Sept 18 - Announced product launch on sept 20 (only two days prior)

    Sept 20 - Product launch

    Sept 30 - Products available worldwide

  • As the rumored Hero8 will have an optional detachable selfie screen, this arrangement for the Hero3/4 comes to mind.

    Seems like Hero8 will go full circle and return five years in the past.

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  • Hero8 leaks

    • 12MP image sensor
    • 4K/60p
    • 1080/240p video
    • HyperSmooth 2.0






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  • As before the specs are a bit underwhelming.

    HyperSmooth2 could be an improvemnet, but the rest seems to be a simple form factor adjustment only.

    Price hike in US is probably to USD450.

    Neither shoe on the media adapter looks hot. Light clearly has charge port and button. To bad we don't see the optional selfie LCD in the leaked photos.

  • I'm glad I bought an osmo action, gopro is just trying to make ppl buy more accessories

  • Official announcement could come next week.

    Probably September 19. It's always on thursdays.

    Or September 26 if they wait until the end of the month.

    And they pre announce 2-3 days before on monday/thuesday in the same week.