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Canon G7 X Mark III, made for... vertical videos
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  • Autofocus Tests: focus pulls, focus tracking, focus shift in dim light:

  • @mark041 thanks for the review. IQ looks good to me!

  • @mark041 Yes thanks for that. Very useful review and samples as always

  • No 24p. Otherwise everyone would be throwing out all their big cameras and replacing it with this...

    Btw, I get 74 RAW (CR3) frames every time at 30 fps - no Magic Lantern or Shogun Inferno needed. Almost 2.5 seconds of RAW 30P video each clip.

  • @mark041 You sound impressed. And I know you have used most if not all of the smaller cameras out there for video. It'll be good to have your opinion on this camera compared to the others you have currently once you have had a bit more time with it

  • @DrDave 25fps in UK.

  • @markr041

    Nice progress, let me know if you want to do MTF stuff.

  • Bummed there is no 24p. 'Cause it would be soooooooooooo hard to include it.

  • Sound test with external mic: acoustic and electronic music outdoors.

    Microphone: Sony ECMXYST1M

  • Low-Light Examples:

  • 24p hack pls

  • The G7X ii is more versatile than has been recognized:

    1. It shoots 5.4K RAW at 30 fps. I get about 90 frames of 5.4K RAW video now with a faster card, slowed down to 24p that is about 3.5 seconds per clip. Yes, real RAW.

    1. It can produce ProRes 422 HQ video clips, It has a clean HDMI out in 4K. So, connect to a Ninja V and you have a cinema rig. All the touch screen controls on the camera work. And, no overheating.

  • Canon evidently is working to improve the autofocus of the G7X iii. See:

  • so they'll up the firmware and fix the AF, how this build got past QC boggles the mind, especially given the target market.

    I would be so very interested if you guys tested the vertical mode, as I moved to vertical production and it's rough without a real camera. I am shooting on PHONES ffs. Specifically if you could evaluate the equivalent FoV in vertical mode, how it obtains the 9:16, what's the native aspect ratio of the sensor, that sort of thing.

  • Plans to release new firmware update to improve video autofocus performance

    In response to feedback from customers about the recently launched PowerShot G7 X Mark III, Canon U.S.A. plans to issue a firmware update that can help improve video autofocus speed, accuracy and subject detection performance.

    This update will be free for all customers to download from the Canon U.S.A. website at the end of October 2019.

  • New update coming

    Canon will add 24p video modes to G7X Mark III, both in 1080p and 4K.

    Release in late December.

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