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Z-CAM E1 Camera 100 Mbps hack for 4K DCI (fw v0.31)
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  • Great! This means that i can get 444 with an external recorder?

  • @samuelcabral, I'm not sure about it. Data is packed as 4:4:4 but it can be 4:2:2 from DSP. We need somebody to test it because my recorder can only write 4:2:2 to SSD

  • @storyboardcreativity

    You can try to put some video files (used to check 444) on card and connect camera to monitor to check.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, is it possible to view files on E1?

  • Still have one problem. HDMI out is always 25p, 50p, 30p or 60p. But what if I want 24p??

  • 24p it's nothing the framerate komm from Monitor on Auto

    The Video out on the E1 it's Max 1080p on 4k its only 1080P

    You can Record 4k 25 and Monitor 1080p 50

  • The focus peaking on the iPhone App Base on the creapy live Stream
    I use on my e1 the Lilliput A7s with focus peaking on 4k use the focus Assistent
    The live vew zooms on focus Assistent In ! and give 1 to1 pixel vew on 1080p A7 in peaking

  • @Bob_Hawk, I need 24p HDMI out because I record in 24p. I don't know what to do =/

  • On hdmi output by 4k it's 1080p ...JASON Chang Love supersampling

    1. Sensor give 4k30p Record on SD Card
    2. Intern Display give ca. 240x360 Video on Display
    3. On Live vew to wifi creapy diffrent Resolution 4..On HDMI make 1080P

    The limitation ist the Chipset For 800$+Tax you became the Z Cam E2C

    On last Week i became my 2end E1 For 200€ .... for me it's E1C in Beta Test Status and Not stabil

    With your Perfect Hack " 100mbit 1gop hacķ " i t's the E1 a fine Cam For me thanks a Lot i Love it

    Please Don't over Future your Hack ...make Practical Stabile Hacks ......Not the same mistake from Jason

  • Hey, does anybody need to view all screen OSD from LCD on HDMI? (I mean menus, settings and etc.)

  • jeeep its a funny thing

  • "when you choose "720P 240 FPS" mode, actual readout from sensor is 1536x288! " Isn't it 1546x384 cropped down from 3x9 binning output (1576x394)?

  • @storyboardcreativity thanks for all the great work! Love the 100mbps hack.

    I have a question: I've recently started working in a project that involves filming calculus classes that are taught in a very wide blackboard. I shoot it in 4K using the E1, and crop out 2/3 of the image in post to isolate the blackboard and superimpose it on the final multicam video. The board's aspect ratio is something like 5:1, so I was wondering: would it be possible, using your hack, to add resolution profiles with different aspect ratios? In my case, something like 7203840 or 7684096 @ 23.976fps and 50mbps?

    I ask because, at 100mbps, I waste a LOT of space with each 2 hour class. But at 50mbps, using only 1/3 of the image, the artifacts sometimes blur the smaller calculus symbols used by the teacher.


  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev, no, I can't. E1 can play only 4:2:0 AVC MOV files and show JPGs (4:2:2). No any way for me to show RAW files or anything else.

  • Hello

    I am trying to get my E-1 updated but the E1Fw.bin file I downloaded off the Z cam's Facebook page updated my camera to a version .30 not .31

    has anyone seen anything like this or know how to get the correct file?

  • @PeterLesbo see the download link in this Facebook post from Z CAM

    Note: Don't install on iZugar model E1 or you will lose the 1:1 aspect ratio for VR180/360.

  • hello storyboard 1.) Did you manage to put the menu of the built-in display on the HDMI output This will make you the hero of all those E1 owners with a faulty display like me

    2.) I am filming in full HD in 30p und 60p unfortunately lacks the cumulative patch, when mixing with 4k 30p super

  • Sorry Unfortunately, full HD 30P 60P is missing

  • OK... I got the camera updated to version .31 YAY ! !

    I downloaded the files and placed the auotoexec.ash file (1KB in size) onto the root directory of the SD card and I am still getting 60 MPBPS files...

    What did I do wrong?


  • on 1080p30 its lower / 1080p60 50-60Mpbps / record on 4k and you come to 80to90Mpbps

  • cumulative patch - enables 100 Mb/s bitrate and All-Intra mode …its universal

    Full HD 30 and 60 miss

  • How can I check that the patches are really working? I copy these to the microSD but when I turn on the camera I don't see any changes.

  • @cofhal, well, it's a very good question because I did not think about user notification. I'll make something for it soon!

    For all others who waits for my answer: sorry for being away for a long time. I'm just looking for a new work. Does anybody know any vacancies for Ambarella programmer or anything else? :D

  • @storyboardcreativity

    Try Z-CAM :-) They have big shortage of people.

  • Zcam Talk he don't use ambrella ? He Talk use Asic and many Core risc Cpu .?