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Sony RX0 II Camera Topic
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  • @markr041no one was offering any theories, only empirical observation, and I was studying ( many fields and quite successfully ) before you were even a distant thought. You seem to have a gear addiction that you're tending to rationalize by making this meaningless comparison. You're the one who decided to do the comparison between a 1/2" and a 1" sensors...locked down. You're the one who put it out there for comparison. And you're the one who criticized comparing the rx0 to the rx100. Of course the sony wins ( nearly all ) comparison with the osmo. What 1" camera wouldn't. However, with all that jitter in your other videos, it doesn't win in the stabilization debt...unless you put it on a gimbal. That was my obvious point ! And @vitaliy...we all should do what we want. Like you. Many folks wanted you to hack another camera. Obviously you didn't want to. I never criticized or suggested otherwise. You probably thought like me, that it wasn't a good use of your precious time, since our time on this rock is limited...and like me not having any interest in doing camera comparisons....and all the rubbish attached. That even ranks below wedding photographers as a waste of precious time and energy. That might have been a fleeting thought back in like 2002 when I bought a 60d, or maybe it was in '98 when I bought the sony pd100a, or maybe the hi8 tr3300 in '96, or in the 70's and eighties with my 3 beaulieus, s8 and 16, or with the nizo 6080 shooting 200' sound cartridges. I might have thought about camera comparisons then... for about 3 minutes ! Sadly real life can't be monetized.

  • @kurth I get it you are old and bitter, and not evidently fully able to study and think now. Or even accurately recollect what you write. With apparently little you are able to do but post embarrassing rants. I suggest you try to find something creative to take up your remaining time. It may make you much happier. You do not have to thank me.

  • @markr041...actually you're the bitter person. I've seen your bitter posts all over the internet when anyone contradicts you....a defensive sign of immaturity. I first noticed you at dpreview condescendingly flipping off people. And since you want to talk about creativity, I just have one question. Have you ever created anything original and been financially rewarded for such ?? Anything ? Just one thing ...? I'm not talking about getting a few pennies from youtube, or building your grandma a shed. I'm talking about creativity. An original idea that no one had before, or made something original that never existed. It could be a short you've sold, or a piece of sculpture that someone actually bought, or a piece of intellectual property? Just one ??...and then have someone pay hard earned cash for it ?? ...instead of buying a 75" 4k tv or a new imac, or a new car, or taking a vacation to huatulco, they give you money for an idea...a fantastic proposition. That's a quite rewarding experience, I can promise. I've had it hundreds of times. It allowed me to be a free man, something a gringo like yourself could never comprehend, like in comparison to accumulating "likes" on a youtube channel, for example. So...give me your best shot.

  • @markr041 @kurth

    PV is not place for personal fights


    Stop attacking him and following on forums, including PV.

    Attacking people is worse thing you can do in your life and you seems to like doing this.

  • @vitaliy....don't be absurd...whose following him on forums? If you go to camera forums, he's always there pontificating. And look at this thread. I'm not attacking...I'm defending, which I love doing, because I've got lots of defense. I did make a few valid criticisms to his comparisons, which he couldn't handle and made it personal. No, hardly the worst thing. Living an uncreative life shooting camera comparison would be worse.

  • @kurth

    Don't defend such that for everyone else besides you it looks like personal attacks.

    Am I clear? Find some nice thing to do instead.

  • yeah...all clear....gonna go build my grandma a shed !

  • RX0 ii 4K HDR Video in Dim Light

  • Does anyone know a (cheap) chinese drone capable to fly a Rx0?

  • Audio test with internal mics.

  • It is waterproof...

  • ISO6400 in many shots. Shot in Slog2.

  • You can use the camera in the rain, really. And it does time-lapse without an app or an external device:

    And, without the need for an external case or cover, you can get rain sounds nicely:

  • On a gimbal:

  • Audio test, internal mics:

  • New faceplate available that allows use of an anamorphic lens on the RX0 ii!

    More information:

  • And here are two actual true anamorphic 4K videos using the Moondog attachments:

  • Another anamorphic 4K video. Highlights: An anamorphic flare and, what could be more appropriate - a stretch limousine.

  • And the real video, which makes use of the anamorphic look:

  • And what you have all been waiting for: low-light, 4K, anamorphic HDR video:

    Looks good seen in SDR too.

  • Close-Up (+4) Diopter use.