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Zaxcom Nova - recorder and wireless system in one
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    Zaxcom is proud to announce Nova, a sound solution that combines a mixer, a recorder, ZaxNet™ remote control and wireless receivers into one compact and lightweight device. By combining features of the popular Nomad and Deva 24 with two integrated wireless receivers, Nova sets a new standard in sound recording capabilities for the feature film, television broadcast, live performance and high resolution sound effects recording.

    Nova can record up to 12 channels of audio to two compact flash cards. The unit has 4 mic/line NeverClip™ inputs, 2 line level balanced inputs, 4 external AES inputs and 6 analog/AES output buses. 2 AES42 microphones can also connect to the AES inputs and are powered by the Nova.

    The 4 channels of AES sample rate converting inputs can also connect to external wireless receivers. The 4 NeverClip™ microphone preamps have 140 dB of dynamic range eliminating the need for limiters that can distort the recorded mix track and ISO track.

    Nova is also equipped with ZaxNet™ remote control which gives the ability to adjust frequency, preamp gain and output power on Zaxcom transmitters eliminating the need to approach the talent.

    Two optional QRX212 dual receivers can be installed inside the Nova effortlessly. All connections including antennas are made within the Nova without external cables. The QRX212 receivers are the same as found on the Zaxcom RX-12 and RX-12R and are interchangeable with the Nova. The QRX212’s can receive audio from up to 4 separate transmitters in mono or stereo mode for up to 8 channels of wireless audio total.

    The QRX212 receivers are fully integrated into the Nova. When a frequency is changed, both the receiver channel and the transmitters on the talent are changed at the same time. When frequency scans are initiated, all transmitters on talent are put in non-transmission mode so an accurate scan can be done. Once the scan is complete all transmitters and receivers can be assigned to clean frequencies instantly with the touch of a single button. The transmitters will automatically be enabled on the new frequency.

    Full integration of Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless with the Nova makes for a unique and powerful system. Track names from the recorder can be automatically sent to the backup recordings on the wireless transmitters for easy identification in post. As an alternative, transmitter names can automatically rename the ISO tracks of the recorder. The Nova’s transport control can automatically control the recording on the bodypack transmitters so that there is a matching file on the transmitter for each recorded file on the Nova. Timecode is automatically jammed on each recording transmitter without the need to jam with a hardwired cable.

    Nova includes Zaxcom’s 35 MHz tunable tracking front end filter on the wireless receivers. This filter allows for rejection of interfering sources like UHF walkie talkies. The RF distribution system is immune to intermodulation overload.

    Zaxcom’s Audition and Re-record allows for instant remix and recovery of dropouts due to RF transmission interruption.

    Nova’s graphical user interface is intuitive and simple. All buttons and knobs are ergonomically spaced to eliminate accidental bumping of levels due to overcrowding of buttons and switches on the front panel. An LCD paired with 6 push buttons provides menu navigation that can be used in adverse weather conditions.

    The 5 faders are high resolution continuous encoders with LED indicators to indicate fader position and can display precise input audio level metering. The faders are user organized into 4 banks of 5 sources. Fader control, trim control and ZaxNet™ transmitter preamp gain are all quickly accessed with the touch of a single button.

    Nova uses Zaxcom’s reliable MARF recording system to keep audio safe from corruption. IFB audio transmitted is wireless and is encrypted. Additionally, Nova uses two power inputs for redundant operation. External power distribution is not necessary as no external hardware is needed when using the Nova.

    Nova can be used with any wireless system utilizing the analog and AES external inputs. Nova will be available Summer 2019 for $4,995. Each QRX212 receiver is optional and sold



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  • Damn. If I was starting over again and buying everything new from scratch then this would be damn tempting! Is much cheaper and lighter than Scorpio, plus has a bunch of cool Zaxcom features that Scorpio doesn’t have.

  • I reckon the name Nova comes from the combo of NOmad and deVA?

    If so.... how long until a Mava? ;-)

  • PR

    Zaxcom announced the launch of the MRX414 module receiver to its Digital Recording Wireless line. Paired with the Nova recorder / mixer, two of these modules will allow the Nova to receive audio from eight separate transmitters all in one unit that weighs 3.7 lbs / 1.7 kg, until now a typical sound bag with similar capabilities would weigh upwards of 25+ lbs.

    MRX414 is a module style receiver compatible with the Nova mixer / recorder, RX-12 and RX-12R. The UHF diversity receiver utilizes the High Q tunable tracking front end filter within its host device to combat interference and extend range. The module is compatible with any Zaxcom digital recording wireless transmitter and with all current Zaxcom modulations (Mono, Stereo, XR and ZHD96).

    A new fourth generation receiver to follow up the QRX212, the new MRX414 sets a new standard for RF performance. The ultra-low noise floor (-135 dB) RF design will provide ultra-long range. The MRX is almost impossible to overload. Close distance transmitters have virtually no effect on the reception of distant transmitters. The RF performance exceeds the previous generation of Zaxcom receivers by 5 dB while enhancing the rejection of interfering signals from things like walkie talkies, cell phones and HD Television transmission by 10 dB.

    The MRX414 receives a 100% digital signal that is fully encrypted resulting in audio quality far superior to any analog system.

    Whether the module is used with a Nova mixer / recorder, RX-12 or RX-12R, a full color LCD on the host unit lets users easily navigate the menu. The built-in frequency scanner and Auto-Pick software eliminates the guess work and can coordinate and choose the best frequencies with a push of a button. When used in the Nova mixer / recorder, the user can re-frequency the transmitters to match the MRX414 with a touch of a button via ZaxNet™.

    The MRX414 is one of the most power efficient digital wireless receivers on the market – the module draws 300 mA @ 13 VDC (150 mA per receiver).

  • Zaxcom today announced the launch of software version 2.0 for the Nova recorder / mixer / receiver. Version 2.0 increases the recording track count from 12 to 16, introduces an adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm, support for the Oasis control surface, a Walkie Talkie interface, and a mirror file list.

    16 tracks of simultaneous recording and mirroring makes Nova even more powerful and versatile than before, with enough tracks to cover you from a small ENG shoot to a feature film. As with most Zaxcom recorder / mixers, you can mix and record any combination of ISO’s or mix tracks to any of the 16 tracks.

    The adaptive threshold Automixer algorithm helps take the guesswork out of unscripted dialog – it automatically opens and closes microphones so dialog is smooth with minimal to no background noise.

    Zaxcom’s Oasis control surface hardware can be used for external linear fader control, ideal for sound cart setup. The Walkie Talkie interface lets you plug your Walkie Talkie into the Nova and use your slate mic and headphones for communication around set with integrated push to talk functionality.

    The new mirror file list keeps a running list of all files mirrored for a visual confirmation. Other new features include Sound Report generation while mirroring, the ability to disable unused home screen views and better recognition of a variety of CF cards.

    The Nova is a complete sound solution that combines a mixer, a recorder, ZaxNet™ remote control and built-in wireless receivers into one compact and lightweight device. Outfitted with two MRX-414 internal receiver modules Nova can receive up to 8 channels of wireless. The unit weighs approximately 3.5 lbs and has a 1 Amp power draw. Nova sets a new standard in sound recording capabilities for feature film, television broadcast, live performance and sound effects recording.

    Download the software: