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Panasonic S1 FF Camera - copy of Nikon Z6
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    Panasonic now produce worst quality video from competition


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  • How it could be

  • Free battery grips I see now on launch.

    I presume the preorders are flat.

  • @brudney, not about razor thin depth of field really. It's more of a perspective vs depth of field, but this is probably not the place to get into this discussion :)

  • By 'big look' you mean the paper thin dof? How else is a m43 video different from a FF one? (not taking into account the differences in lenses, codecs and color science) If it's just dof, you can quite easily get a similar result with a speedbooster/fast lens combo.

  • Fair enough, but I grew up watching Ben Hur, Grand Prix, Patton and the likes of Sound of Music that were all shot on 70mm. It's just another level from super 35 and apc if you ask me. Full frame digital video has always reminded me of that era. Not the same, but for me, finally for an individual to actually be able to come close in our over digitalized world is pretty cool. Lots of cams that do ff or even medium format, but they are all clunky and nothing like the refined video capability of the Panasonics.

    You have to admit that 'big' look is not easily achievable with m43. Marginally at APSC. Obviously big production s35 can get it done, but that's never been realistic for the individual flying solo. Arri, Red, Cooke, etc... it's possible, but that's an order of magnitude more expensive even than S1 P/Leica 50mm combo. As crazy as that S1/50mm combo is in price it's got an image I haven't seen from any other ff system out there and it's still $1500 cheaper than a 1dx body!

    Definitely looking forward to seeing real world with this thing before chunking it to the garbage heap. Especially considering the headshot images I've been paying particular attention to.

    Cheers, Pete

  • @c3hammer It's not so much the camera that's over the top as the entire L-mount system. The inadequate selection of lenses available at release are obscenely overpriced, and everyone knows it's because of that Leica brand name. As for the camera's features, the only things that aren't a downgrade from the GH5 are the FF sensor and Vlog (instead of Vlog L), neither of which justify the premium price. The other FF mirrorless systems at least offer an adapter for each brand's legacy FF lenses, but with Panasonic you're SOL.

    For what it's worth, the Nikon Z's leave me cold as well, the Canons don't even make the grade, and every Sony product I ever bought self-destructed. Full frame is a great format for still photos, but it's a colossal PITA for video, particularly when you need hand held stabilization or hours-long event takes. If what you really want is the "film look" in a still camera format, then go APS-C or MFT with a speedbooster. And yes, the next video camera I buy will most likely be a 2nd gen BMPCC4K.

  • @LPowell interesting take. Curious how you come to that conclusion? To me, someone is finally going to make a ff cam with all the features I've been looking for in almost a decade. Kind of like a 1DC that's actually usable for 1/3rd the price. Can't quite figure out how that's jumping sharks much less 'hard' :)

  • Unbelievable! Panasonic has jumped the shark so hard, I actually found that Tony Northrup video a breath of fresh air. Panasonic has finally achieved parity with Nikon and Canon in overpriced full-frame mirrorless camera systems.

  • Video AF look promising

  • From CP++


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  • 1st testing of Lumix S1/24-105 OIS Preproduction version fw.0.6 CinelikeV (0,0,0,0,0) not graded Handheld. Some long shots stabilized in post. UHD version

  • "I think we have each new Panasonic camera release same story about improving AF :-)

    Instead we need to make some article about AF basics explaining why Panasonic AF never can reliable for video."

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev What you've just written is absolutely 120% totally true!

  • @ntsan

    I think we have with each new Panasonic camera release same story about improving AF :-)

    Instead we need to make some article about AF basics explaining why Panasonic AF never can reliable for video.

  • new firmware seems to improve video AF a lot better