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Failed drive?
  • I have a Core 2 8200 @ 2,33 GHz CPU which have only been used sporadically to read mail since I upgraded to another PC 4 years ago.

    But while it still works, its agonisingly slow every time it accesses the hard drive. 1 TB WD Green (WD10EACS-65D6B0)

    It takes forever to load a prg or video file for playback.

    I finally fired up WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics prog and started a quick scan. Which was supposed to go for 2 min, but after 15 min it was still lingering around 80 per cent completion only. SMART status is ok.

    The drive is probably toast?

    I fired up the EXTENDED TEST to run during the night.

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  • @EspenB

    You can also have some issues with cable.

    But drives also die without any SMART issues.

  • Those drives are slow, but if it is going, bad copy it to a new one before it stops.

  • Drives tend to slow down when they are nearly filled to capacity (like less than 20% available or something like that). Also, you might want to defragment your drive if you haven't done one in a while.

  • Well, the Extended test run for like 5 hrs and reported a PASS. Also defragmentation did run during the night.

    @hintla Yes its about 70 - 80 per cent full.

    The HDD access seemed to be noticeably faster after this. Also quick diagnostics only took 2 mins!

    Then I turned the PC off to remove dust form the GPU card (to no avail as the fan is bonkers and card runs like 74 deg celsisus hot).

    After a reboot things seems to be significantly slower with the HDD once again. And the quick diagnostics took 15 mins!

    Clearly something is up with the HDD or OS. Despite this thinks like browsing with the old stuff was generally very nice. The whole thing can probably be rescued and made working for light stuff with a SDD and Win 10 upgrade.

  • @EspenB

    Just go buy 120GB SSD on deal, extra cheap. And also change SATA cable.

    Can also put some used 1050 to play any, even 4K videos on it.

  • I'd copy any data you care about off the drive. Even if it isn't failed now, it could fail someday.

    Then as VK said, if you really want to keep using it, put in a cheap SSD. It'll make the computer feel a lot faster.