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Google: Story of Idiots
  • Designed with mobile devices in mind, the new Chrome user interface style was officially rolled out in September this year, with the release of Chrome version 69.

    Just one word and one number - "Windows 8".

    But you actually could switch their bad fantasies off.

    But with Chrome version 71, released earlier this month, Google has removed the Chrome flag that allowed users to use the old UI.

    Why? Because statistics of such switch showed nasty numbers. And this in turn prevented to get bigger bonus for few middle managers, I am serious now.
    As In Google it does not matter if you implement feature that made users furious, broke compatibility or just is plain unused - they will give you good points and bonus toy our managers. Fixing bugs and doing right things is actually punishable behavior in this company.

    UI is problematic on laptops and desktops, where its lighter tone and rounded tabs make it extremely hard to distinguish tabs from one another, especially when users open multiple tabs.

    Actually it is just designed by imbecile, as now tabs have ton of unused space and is just one big visual clutter.

    Remember famous "desperate Japanese corporation committee" who designed Panasonic S1 cameras? Here just country name is different.

    So, what they suggest (instead of downgrade)?

    "Please don't do this. As a Chrome dev, we would really rather you use another browser than try to lock yourself on an old version of Chrome," said Google engineer Peter Kasting. "There are serious consequences to this, and much like choosing not to be vaccinated, the choice affects other people besides just you."

    I think this words must go into special archive made for future idiots, so they could have place full of info to improve their skills, I mean.

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  • " As a Chrome dev, we would really rather you use another browser..."

    Welcome advice from Google for a change.

  • I get them to fix things. There is a feedbacks mechanism. If you don't, it might not get fixed until somebody else does (ages). But you should speak sense and have constructive things to contribute. I put a fair bit into google, and can list the best listeners, the os team, then the browser team, but get nowhere fast with the search (even when using it). Opera used to be very good, right up to the point they sidelined one of the founders who left and formed Vivaldi team. I had many improvements I suggested implemented in products, including Windows (you remember the blue screen of death disappeared after being there for maybe decades). One of the few suggestion I made to them.

    You got to wonder about some of these companies. When you hear that a company has basically sacked their testing team, or converted to a development environment which is used to write bug ridden code (true story, they converted and the bug rate went way up) it's time to be cautious and look elsewhere. Depending on users to debug your software is a disaster. I'm there loosing hair waiting for bugs to disappear until I write a feedback to explain it. So, it can be months if waiting and 2-4 weeks+ after writing in until it gets fixed. But, the prototype model of programming means they rewrite the code and new bugs are introduced all the time, even in the same area. So trash in, trash lingers, programming. One of the big issues has been bloat programming combined with a casual acceptance of x errors to y lines of code. Meaning, you write too much too do too little too badly, with too many errors, then not correct them well enough. In the other end, users are costed billions of wasted time they probably got a right to sue for. We might be talking law cases more than the value of a company.

  • These companies should sue their employees for doing these things.