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  • not realizing it was using HEVC (twice as efficient).

    It is false claim for cameras, can go to our HEVC topic and check actual efficiency research. 50% less bitrate can be used only in the case of top quality footage (like films) if you use best software encoders in slowest possible (usually extreme!) settings.

  • @EspenB Yeah - the lens is a long-time weak spot of GoPros and other similar action cameras. I have a Backbone Hero 7 coming and I'm super interested to see what I can do with it and some C-mount lenses. I got one of their kits a while ago for a Yi, but its poor-quality screen and lack of video output made checking critical focus impossible. Since the Hero 7 has HDMI output, I'm gonna give it a try with my EVF.

  • Midway in this video you see, side-by-side, a running video with the Hero7 compared to the Osmo Pocket. What you see, amazingly, is that in day light the stabilization on the GoPro is actually better, as is the picture. In the dark, the GoPro is filled with artifacts. Panning is also less good, but that is promised to be fixed in a December firmware update.

  • My wish will be a compact dji drone with a socket for the osmo pocket (ala gopro karma).

  • Given the complete market failure that was the Karma, I wouldn't hold my breath. :P

  • What a fun thing to do: Influencers get a 1080/120FPS pre release software and showcases 4x slow motion. And actuall unit will only have 1080/60FPS...

    Also, the mic adapter sticks out like a sore thumb from the bottom. Seems very vulnerable. And then you have to hang your mic cable from that thing as well. Everything pulling down on that USB-C connector.

    This is a small device for sure. But accessories and functionality of these seems not so great thought out. And not even the action camera mount included in the package!

  • On all the review videos I have seen the Osmo is tracking the persons face but are still focusing on the background behind him. Pre release firmware or poor focus performance?

    1. DJI is now promising in its forum, that 1080 120p will be in a future firmware upgrade.

    2. Original camera clips, flat mode, here:

  • This was a missed opportunity for DJI. They should have put the DJI Mavic 2 Pro camera on it, with its 1" sensor and 10bit HEVC functionality.

  • 1' sensor will be way bigger, maybe for pocket pro model?

  • I just picked mine up today. Didn't even have to preorder. The local Best Buy had a few just sitting there.

    Actual thoughts to follow... :)

  • There is a firmware update. Key changes:

    1. 1080 120P.
    2. Improved autofocus, so locks on talking head not background.
    3. Improved audio.
  • Video from the camera was not recompressed, and you can download the original to see what the camera produces.

  • image

    I made a 3D printable tripod mount base for the Osmo Pocket for use on a tripod and also so it is more stable when setting it down to take a motion lapse or use the subject tracking.

    877 x 1080 - 606K
  • That's impressive!

  • This footage is pretty terrible in that half the frame is totally gone blown because it was a very high contrast scene at sunset but I was trying to see what kind of automated camera movement you could get with the active tracking. I had my wife drive a few loops around a parking lot and just dragged a box around the truck. With a very light application of warp the movement looks nice to me and is much better than I could do with a video head (I'm not very skilled at operating one and following a subject smoothly).