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Why 2.4Ghz wireless mikes are dangerous in places with lot of people
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    During exhibition (or any venue with lot of people and Wi-Fi access points) at 2.4Ghz you have around 90% utilization for all spectrum bands at -80dbm.

    It is nice that they usually use narrow bands and can jump, but it is really big probability that they will have issues and big ones.

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  • Can't read the fine details, is this a chart of access point load or of 2.4GHz traffic in a particular area? If you increase access point transmission power, does it just make the congestion worse (due to increasing coverage radius)?

  • @LPowell

    Well, it is radio spectrum across certain, 2.4Ghz range.

    In such places you NEVER want to increase power of access points, it is all in reverse, usually it is more points in narrow bands with direction antennas.

    Point of the post is that if you have radio spectrum full of stuff your nice looking 2.4ghz audio can turn into trouble inducing mess. And not 2.4Ghz only.