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New Panasonic firmware update for...the GH2?
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  • Hi Rob, yes, that's me! The GH2 is amazing although it crapped out on me and I had to recover the files afterwards. That's why this video ends with a still - the file just stopped near the end. First time that's happened to me.

    If you're into sound, the ambisonic plugin is really good - I've tried others but this one works extremely well (and it's free - what more can you ask!) and really useful for me as a musician since mic placement isn't easy when you're also playing and don't have ideal monitoring conditions on-site.

    I find the GH2 a bit noisy and not so great for stills, but they are lovely little cameras (I use the Cake setting and have two cameras) and for the occasional jobs I do, they are great.

  • funny you say its noise for stills, i find it very good, ( as long as you dont bump up the ISO too much ) i use old canon FD lenses mostly so maybe theres something in that.. im not into the modern plastic, not so fantastic lenses. i dont use a speedbooster so they they are a bit longer focal length than stated, i like my nifty fifty canon 1:1.4 and my sigma 24mm .. cheers rob.

  • I just bought a GH2 last night - installed firmware 1.2...and now I don't know if i can use ptool. Did i make a mistake and can i still hack my GH2 from firmware 1.2? OOPS!

  • Is it possible to downgrade back to 1.1? Does anyone know? I can't believe i screwed this up night 1. Ugh.

  • Sorry for the triple posts - was able to go back to 1.1 and then hack. I will update if anything weird happens.

  • You are going to be ok. I just got a GH2 as well. Let me know what hack you install. I am running Cake 2.3 and it seems to be working just fine.

  • I just updated 1.2 as well. I haven't updated my GH2 for awhile now, is the HighBitrate setting new? Anyone tested that setting, results? Over the years I've used the GH2 hacked for all my projects, and realize clients and i hardly see any difference with all the hacks. So now I'm trying a job with the original 1.2 firmware and to shoot in all modes, 1080, 720p for slow motion, 24p, to see if it pulls it off. The advantage of the original firmware? I don't have to change SD card of 64gb card that can shoot over 8 hours.

  • ambisonic plugin for GH2?

  • Hi Guys,

    Can someone post the original firmware? None of the links work anymore.

    Panasonic only host the new firmware

  • I reuploaded file.

  • Thanks so much!

  • We want the latest an greatest but forgot what can be done with a gh2 and not so great lens. Maybe this coronavirus wake us to a bit more "reality".