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Lanparte Gimbal for Smartphones and Gopro
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  • I emailed Kath at Lanparte to check out compatibility with other GoPro type cameras, specifically the Xiaomi Yi cam. She said this one should work - any chance of seeing this on a PV deal at some point?

  • @mrbill

    We can arrange this :-)

  • @vk - good news!

  • Lanparte also supplies the action camera frame for either gopro session and xiaoyi camera.

  • @lanparte - for which gimbal? The LA3D? Thanks

  • @lanparte. Is it possible to mount a Sony WX350 using the smartphone adapter to the gimbal. The Sony is certainly light enough and the video quality is decent.

  • For those who are asking if it works with the Xiaomi Yi camera, yes it does, here is a short clip I did with these two together recently:

  • I'd completely forgotten that I'd done this with the HHG-01 --- it's still going well and always goes on holiday with us, and if you start wondering about some shots -- I use a long pole with a bracket and rubber bands to hold the gimbal like a massive selfie stick.

  • Ah, the HHG-01 just keeps giving! Of course there are now the GoPro Hero6/7 cameras which have a different form factor and weight to the 3/4/5 series. Not only will they not fit the old HHG-01, but they need a different position and more ballast to balance.

    So I set about designing and 3D printing a new camera/ballast carrier, and whilst I was there, I realised that being able to see what the GoPro was taking was a real advantage in terms of framing and cinematic use. I designed a mobile phone carrier to clamp onto the HHG-01 handle.

    I also like to use a gimbal with a pole, for high and low level shots as well as a poles ability to removing some of the stepping action as you walk with a gimbal. I designed a mirror image clamp and another mobile phone carrier for the pole, so that you can see what the GoPro is doing even at a distance.

    Here's a results/design/construction overview: