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    Rev. Peter G. Vu, a Catholic priest serving in the Diocese of Grand Rapids in Michigan, United States, is one of those few authors. In his book, “Living for Higher Purpose: Story of a City Boy Who Survived the Viet Nam War by Living for Jesus and Others,” he recounts the memoirs of a Vietnam War refugee named Viet who, despite insurmountable odds, escapes the post-war Communist regime to the United States to start a new life.

    We ( Vietnamese ) keep remind ourselves that “ You sign, Chicken Die “ ( Búr Sa Gà Chết in our language. ). Longtime ago in Vietnam, a farmer had to serve meal , like a form of bribery having documents be certified by a village officer. Chicken was favorite food for that .-;)

    Your signature in Personal-view won’t make chicken die but make Father Vu story alive.

    We need your help to have 1000 signature at least. Father Vu story could become “ Film “

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    it is really good idea to write something, as people won't click on link otherwise.

  • Just voted. Congratulations. I hope you get many more votes here.

  • Thank you and chicken w0n’t be die -;)